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Your Guide to Men’s Sport Coats


Every Man’s Guide to Sport Coat Shopping – Spring 2019

The sport coat has become a staple in every man’s wardrobe, but I often get asked what jacket should I own?  I am going to advise 4 colors/patterns of sport coats you should own this spring.

Your First Sport Coat

If you are purchasing a sport coat for the first time, I would stick to blue or grey jacket.  The main reason is these are the 2 most universal colors to wear to work, with jeans, to dinner or a social event.  I would pick a solid blue or grey or something with a micro pattern. If you aren’t used to wearing jackets or don’t wear them very often, something subtle and that will grow to be your go to jacket is what you want to start with.  You can change your shirt, tie, hanky, slacks, shoes, etc and create a new look every time you wear this jacket, and no one will remember. If you only own a pattern or bright colored jacket, after 3-4 wearing’s (around the same people), they will take notice.  Trust me, people notice.

Here are examples of swatches and photos of good:

Your second sport coat

When you have your go to jacket and you want to add another sport coat in the mix.  I suggest a patterned jacket. It can be something with a seasonal trend color. Some things to consider are is this jacket mostly for business or a going out jacket?  Maybe a mix of both. Here are some of my favorite patterns this spring that are timeless and you can have for the next 5-8 years. Meaning it won’t go out of style. I would keep the styling simple meaning 2 button with notch lapel and flap pockets.  I am not opposed to patch pockets if you like. I would avoid a double-breasted jacket or a wide peak lapel. These details are very trendy now and may not be popular in 3-4 years.

Your 3rd sport coat – lets have some fun and color!  

Here are some great looks and swatches this season that will bring life to your wardrobe and sport coat game.  Adding color doesn’t have to mean loud and trendy but it can be.

I have been seeing this berry color a lot last fall and the color continues this spring.  It was darker for fall and lighter for spring. It can be the entire jacket or woven into the pattern.  Here are some of my favorite looks.

If berry isn’t your color or better in a tie or hanky, I would suggest tan or light grey for your next jacket.  Here are some great patterns and options.

Not sure what sport coat to get? Just go with your gut and what you like.  You are the one wearing the jacket and have to love it. Still in doubt – ask Mary! Email a photo of what you are considering.  I’m happy to help!

Stop by Q. Contrary to see these swatches and more great jacket options.  

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