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Winter Style for Men - Stay Cozy and Cool This January


As the winter storms cover most of our country, men look for new ways to layer their look and stay warm this January.  Traditionally when the temperature drops, men reach for thick sweaters and turtlenecks.  If you are looking for something lighter yet still cool, I have just the sweaters and layering pieces for you that is great combination of winter style for men and comfort.

Skoll Cashmere Hoodie – Love this pattern especially if you have a bunch of solid sweaters in your closet.  Don’t be afraid of a pattern.  I love this one. Very wearable and cool.

Sebonack ¼ Zip – The quarter zip is a great layering piece and perfect to wear over a collared shirt.  I love this soft purple color. A great new addition to your winter style for men look.

Koko Hoodie – This wool cashmere blend hoodie is a must this season.  Especially for the guy who loves to be cozy and yet still casual.  This hoodie is so soft and just a cool look.  A great look to sport over a t-shirt, collared shirt or (my favorite look) under a blazer.  I see many men try to pull off the hoodie and jacket look.  This Koko hoodie is the right piece to layer because it’s dressy, clean and not cheap nor looks like a sweatshirt.  Less is more when you are trying to layer a hoodie and jacket.  This hoodie is the right layering piece.

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