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What’s Trending? Men’s Bracelets and Accessories


What’s in Store: Pig & Hen Bracelets

When I visited the Chicago Collective in February, I saw what is happening in menswear and retail for Fall 2019.  From casual attire to suiting to accessories, this show hosted a cornucopia of brands.  One in particular I liked was Pig & Hen.  They are a Dutch company and carry a range of bracelets and accessories.  There is a big trend happening right now with men and accessorizing.  I am seeing more and more men wearing watches and bracelets.  I like this brand in particular because they are masculine and the hardware is on point. The bracelets are handmade in Amsterdam and woven from old ship ropes. Here is their story and vision behind their brand:

In the early 1600s, the Dutch were the leading nation sailing out to unknown parts of the world, with the biggest naval fleet the world had ever seen. With some serious sea legs, they discovered new lands, different ways of life but also ran into some big obstacles along the way.

To protect themselves against bad luck the men had a tattoo of a pig and a hen on their feet. It was believed it gave the sailors the ability to survive when they had to abandon ship. The sailors felt they would be able to find land, just like the Pig and Hen who were kept in wooden crates and thus floated and would let the tide bring them home.

Pig & Hen will save your life, even in a tight situation.

Our bracelets are handmade in Amsterdam, by using authentic ship rope we carry on the Dutch legacy. They are meant to survive a lifetime, are stronger than steel and will age like your wrinkled face.

I selected a dozen of their best-selling styles and my favorite.  Stop by my store, Q. Contrary, to try on in person.  I’ve already sold a bunch and the guys love them.


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