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What’s Selling Well at Q Contrary


Today I’m so excited to share with you a few of the best sellers from five of the wardrobe capsules in my store.  They include a combination of new and existing products from the brands I carry, and I thought you’d be interested in knowing why my clients like them.

First, let’s look at Mizzen+Main, a brand that is new to my shop this fall.  They make beautiful dress shirts that are a 100% polyester blend, but don’t be put off by the fiber content.  Here’s why.  The dress shirts are light weight, don’t wrinkle and incredibly comfortable – big benefits for guys who live in Arizona where it’s routinely 110 degrees in the shade.  And, they look super dressy, as well as keeping you cool, comfortable and looking your best when you need to leave the office for a client meeting, various other outside-the-office meetings, or a court appearance on behalf of a client, etc.  I carry a handful of solids and patterns, in addition to carrying them in a trim fit, tall and, of course, classic fit.  They look good with dress pants and a jacket as well as with jeans.

I’ve been carrying TravisMathew for a while, and I love this line.  Just recently, I started including some of their core pieces in my merchandise mix, specifically their polos without the front logo, though there is a more discrete logo on the back.  Some of you told me you didn’t want to be a walking billboard for the brand, so I decided to carry this item.  They’re perfect for the office, either with or without a jacket, as well as more casual venues.

I carry them in core classic colors such as light blue, black, white, grey, etc.  I also carry them in both 2X and 3X sizes.  They’re a light-weight polyester blend, and the micro-texture is phenomenal.  I promise you, they’ll become a staple in your wardrobe.

One more item from TravisMathew that is selling well is their dressier pant.  It has a silky hand and fits well – a must have slacks option.  They’re light weight and made from a poly blend just like your workout clothes.  If you like the ABS pant from Lululemon, you’ll love these pants for a cleaner look with less stitching.  They can be worn to work or in more casual settings.  I carry them in khaki, of course, as well as a few other colors.

I’ve started to carry more core products because these wardrobe basics show the most wear.  Why?  They get used more frequently since they tend to be worn every week.  I want my customers to know that if a few of their jeans, classic slacks, polos, shirts, etc. have seen better days, they can easily refresh their look with a few items from Q Contrary.

Another brand that is selling like hot cakes is Greyson Clothiers.  We love all their golf clothes, and their polos in updated prints and patterns and more classic solids or stripes are always a hit at the links or even at the office.

Lastly, I wanted to talk about my dress wardrobe capsule.  I’m making and selling a lot of custom sport coats, and it’s so much fun and exciting.  Every gentleman who comes in and wants a custom sport coat likes something different and that’s why it’s so much fun for me to help them find the right fit, style and fabric.  Beautiful wools in good classic greys and traditional blues in solids and prints can last 10-15 years so they’re an investment item. They’re selling well but so are some of the trendier patterns.  A few of the newer colors that I’m seeing this year are greens and cranberry.  I’m even making sportscoats in a wool knit fabric for a more casual look.

As always, if I can help you with your wardrobe, I’d be delighted.  Hope to see you soon in my shop.


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