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The Masters Tournament is a major golf tournament played annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. The tournament is broadcast on TV, but that doesn’t compare to the experience of attending in person! If you are lucky enough to be one of the limited number of people to secure tickets, and if it’s your first time in attendance, you are probably wondering what to expect. As we are approaching this year’s first tournament, I’ve gathered key tips and style guides to guarantee you will have the best experience possible.

Whether you’re an avid golf player or watcher, you will want to dress appropriately for the tournament. The official Masters Tournament dress code requires appropriate clothing and shoes are worn at all times. Jeans and golf shoes with metal spikes are not permitted. You will want to look chic and comfortable—especially considering comfort for the shoes you wear. For both men and women, a stylish, comfortable pair of walking shoes is crucial. You will be walking long distances across the course, which is also elevated.

Continue reading on for my best styling ideas for men and women for the Masters.

Dressing For The Masters: For Men

Men can wear nice golf attire, such as a pressed polo and lightweight pants or shorts. Ensure your look is polished: your shirt should be pressed and tucked into your shorts, and finish the outfit with a matching belt. It’s important to plan to wear layers, because it can be cold in the morning and the weather can shift through the day, from rain to sun.

The Sequoia Full Zip is another great layering piece and can be styled with the Montauk Trousers, which come in a variety of colors. Since you should not wear jeans to the Masters, these trousers are the perfect stylish, lightweight alternative.


For a more fun and slightly colorful option, try a polo with a minimalist motif such as the Spirit of Lanai Polo from Greyson. Add a pair of performance Sequoia Shorts and G/Fore sneakers with a pop of color, and you have a sporty yet unique outfit for the tournament.


(G/Fore items are sold in store and not on my online shop – email/call Mary to purchase ([email protected] 602.301.6987)

If you feel like being a bit bolder and expressing your style with a print, opt for a contrasting print polo shirt or T-shirt with matching shorts. Add a bolder pair of G/Fore sneakers to complement the vibe, and finish the look with a chic woven belt.


If you’re expecting colder windy weather, a vest can also be a great layering option, such as the X-Lite Full Zip Vest.

Comfortable sneakers are imperative. As mentioned, I highly recommend G/Fore sneakers, which we sell in the shop. These sneakers are modern and comfortable athletic shoes, perfect for walking all day.

Lastly, don’t forget your golf cap! You will want to protect your head for a long day under the sun. Plan to wear sunscreen and a sports watch or timepiece (remember, phones are not permitted!) 

Dressing For The Masters: For Women

Women should opt for a chic, comfortable, and clean look. Women’s golf apparel can range from dresses to skirts or pants. Going for a V-neck or polo shirt is the perfect preppy vibe, and golf skirts are also a great option (and have shorts underneath). Women should also plan to layer with a zip-up or lightweight outerwear depending on the weather. Also, bring a nice sun hat, golf cap, or visor to protect against the sun.

As for shoes, women should not wear heels. You will be walking on the grass, and heels are not an appropriate choice. Women can opt for ballet flats, a small wedge sandal, or sneakers. I highly recommend G/Fore sneakers for women as well—they are a fun, modern add-on to every sporty look.


Now, I’m excited to share insights from a few of my clients who are Masters pros! After attending the Masters in previous years, they let me interview them to share their expertise with newcomers.

Interview with John:

John attended the Masters in 2022. He went when it was really hot, saying the heat and humidity was the real deal. Based on the weather, you should wear super light layers, and definitely wear shorts if it’s a hot day. In terms of style, John said the Masters is the land of colors and preppy style. Comfortable shoes are essential as the course is elevated and steep. When he went, he wore an Omaha Polo, Montauk shorts, and the Trailwolf Jacket (all from the Q.Contrary shop!)

Interview with David:

David went when it was a colder day—it was 50 but felt like 35! He suggests bringing layers to prepare for any weather: bring shorts, pants, shirts, zip-ups, and a jacket. The Greyson Sequoia Full Zip is a perfect layering piece. Most people wear a sort of “southern frat boy look” including polos and cotton shorts. Don’t wear colors that are too bright. Also, sneakers are a must—G/Fore are a great go-to. Definitely bring a hat. Arrive early and buy swag first thing, then secure your chair and spot on the course. You can put a hat or your business card on your chair to claim it. Don’t get suckered into the pro shop, there is another on the way out as you’re leaving. Once you’re in, have a strategy on how to communicate and meet up with other people—you can’t have your phone! Since you won’t have your phone, wear a watch to set meeting times at a specific point; otherwise, you might lose each other. Eat a big breakfast because the food is only alright, but they do sell beer. Go in light, you might buy a lot and have a lot to carry!

Interview with Dustin: 

He said you shouldn’t wear the Masters theme polo to the Masters. Why? Well, everyone is wearing them, and it isn’t a good look to dress exactly like everyone else there! When he went, he wore a Masters theme polo, and it was crazy to see how many other people were wearing the same shirt. He went with his buddies, and every time they saw someone wearing the same polo, they took a drink of their beers—they had fun with it! He said it’s better to wear a nice outfit from Q.Contrary (I didn’t tell him to say this!)

After reading through the style guide and the interviews from our clients, I hope you’re feeling well prepped for the Masters. Remember to prepare for the weather, wear comfortable walking shoes, and enjoy yourself. Visit us in the Q.Contrary shop in Phoenix, or send a message, for personalized styling advice. I’d love to dress you for your first Masters tournament!

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