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What to Wear to a Holiday Party


The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to think what we are going to wear to all our parties and events.  Men today want options and many times there are in our closet and just need to pair with something new or something we already have.  I sat down with Brandon Hamilton from Your Life Arizona and shared some ideas men can wear to their holiday parties this year.

So red is obviously a big holiday color, how can we incorporate it into our outfits this holiday season?

So first of all with the jacket, which is important, or you can just pick one piece. You can incorporate red in your jacket, pants, or your shirt. You can do everything if you want to be that bold, but I would suggest picking one and going with it.

For example, our first model is Michael who is wearing a great velvet jacket. I love it because velvet is the perfect holiday fabric to wear, it’s dressy and he has it paired with just a basic white shirt, some jeans, and his favorite Chuck Taylors. Not all guys want to wear formal shoes and slacks, so this is a great way to be comfortable and still look clean with a pair of tailored jeans. This is a casual look and he’s party ready with his velvet jacket!

Next, I want to talk about maximizing your wardrobe, just because you’re going to a party doesn’t mean you have to run out to the store and buy a whole new outfit. Our next model is wearing a vest, which is a great and easy way to dress up. So, men if you have a three-piece suit in your closet, pull out the vest and pair it with a nice shirt and a good pair of denim, all tailored to fit nicely. You can even jazz it up with a pair of nice shoes, but the point is to shop your closet and put looks together.

Now here we have an option for when you want to get rid of the button down shirt or the polo, wear a turtleneck. This is a trendy look that I’ve seen in GQ and even on SportsCenter. He has this nice turtleneck paired with a great teal plaid sport coat, this is a nice way to incorporate a holiday color such as green or even read while keeping it classy with a pair of nicely tailored slacks.

What should you not wear for the holiday season?

You want to avoid lighter colors and pale neutrals, keep that for the summer or warmer months. But you also don’t want to dress too casually, it’s a party, have some fun! I even see guys at the clubs are at the bars wearing those all-over crazy holiday prints with Santa’s and trees, you don’t have to go quite that far, but get out of your box this holiday season and enjoy it!

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