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What Dad Wants for Father's Day


Father’s Day is June 20th and let’s not forget the most important man in our lives, DAD.  We all really know what dad wants for Father’s Day….. time alone.  No offense to the family, however, he’s hardly ever alone doing what he really wants.  I hear many moms would like the same gift for Mother’s Day.

That gift is easy to box up and give.  Finding something else he can open and enjoy maybe tricky.  Here are a handful of gift ideas to help you find a great gift to give dad this Father’s Day.

Grilling Tools – Great gift for the grilling master and maybe he needs a new set.  Even ones with his favorite sports teams.

The NFL package – For the NFL fanatic, why not just have all the games on in your home vs the bar.  He will be the happiest man and you can watch as a family.  I loved watching sports with my Dad and brothers growing up.  We made it a family event.

Golf Lessons – Even if your Dad is a great golfer, he can always get better and why not treat him to a bunch of lessons.

Upgrade his camping equipment – For the outdoorsy Dad, get him a nicer cooler or tent or fishing rod.  Especially for the dad who doesn’t treat himself to nice things.  It’s something he probably really wants but would never buy for himself.

A National Parks Pass – for the Dad who loves the outdoors, hikes, camping, fishes, etc.  You can enjoy as a family and start making fun memories and traditions.  Then for his birthday or Christmas, you can frame the fun photos you take together, and he can keep in his office or hang in your home.

Concert Ticket – the world is opening up and time to get out.  Gift him concert tickets or baseball tickets to his favorite team.   He can go with his Dad, best friend, kids and you.  Just a thought.  Don’t forget to pick up a souvenir to remember the day.

Matching father son looks – I’ve got a handful of fun matching polos for the dads, grandfathers and sons.  Don’t forget to snap a photo.  He will wear it to his next tee time or Sunday brunch.

I’m offering 20% off when you spend $150 and 25% off when you spend $250 at my shop and online store.  Sale ends Father’s Day.  Alterations and custom clothing are not included.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!  Let’s remember to thank them for all they have done for us.  Even the small sacrifices they do on a daily basis that we don’t even see.

Cheers to Dad!!


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