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Well Dressed Men In Real Estate – Bryan Mummaw


When I decided to do my series on well dress men in Real Estate, I knew I had to interview Bryan Mummaw. He loves fashion and looking good.  His style is modern but edgy.  He loves taking risks and wearing bold colors and patterns.  I always enjoy when he stops by my shop because he always selects something unique and loves dressing up.  Check out his interview below about his style and dress code.  He shares great suggestions on dressing habits that every man should take note on. Thank you, Bryan, for your help with this.  Enjoy!!

1. Tell me about yourself and what kind of lender are you?

You’re really going for the jugular here!  Haha!  I’m just your fun having, jet setting, Chief’s loving guy from good ole’ Kansas City!  Avid reader, absolutely obsessed with spoiling my dog Zeus and his mom (my girlfriend), Jenna, working out and really enjoy my social time with my inner circle of friends—most of which you know.  As for the lender, my clients describe me as relentless and creative.  Most of the deals in my career have had several layers of difficulty that cause you to take a step back and really analyze the entire playing field and then executing.

2. Can you talk about your current style and how you dress for clients and/or meetings?

There’s a lot of people in my business so you must stand out from your competition and one way you can is with your outfits.  Yes, I have plethora of white or blue dress shirts, navy blue or grey slacks with a nice sport jacket (always picked out by you Mary and made to measure!)  However, I do dare to be bold and wear greens, purples, (Yes, I even have a green and purple sport coat) and other assorted patterns to represent my personality when meeting my clients.

3.  Do you have a work uniform? Do you tend to buy/wear the same color suits, jackets, shirts, etc?  or no?

The go-to is always a crisp white shirt and navy blue slacks.  The Zuckerberg approach I guess, but I mix it up a lot.  A lot of my suit jackets are dark grey with a subtle color pattern on them.  As I previously mentioned, my wardrobe and style are a direct representation of me and my personality!

4.  What advice do you have for anyone getting into real estate in regard to their wardrobe?  What they should wear? Avoid wearing?

So you’re going to put me on the spot here?!  My advice would be “to be you”.  I would have staples in the wardrobe like a few white and blue dress shirts, assorted navy blue, grey and black slacks and a few nice sport coats.  As for things you should avoid, colorful or playful socks.  Let’s be honest, you’re not British.

5. What are 5 things every man in your industry should have in his wardrobe?  Great question.  It’s the items that go unseen or the small details that really make you stand out.

1. Is “Magnatucks”, which are little magnets that keep your dress shirt taut throughout the day.  I sit and stand a lot and these bad boys keep me looking like I just put my dress shirt on.  Also, so many guys are walking around with their dress shirts ‘poofed’ out, it looks like it doubles as a parachute.  Don’t be that guy!

2.  Collar Stays.  Anyone who doesn’t have these will end up getting a rounded or folded looking collar points which is a lack of attention to details.  And it’s all in the details.

3.  Pocket Squares.  And don’t blow your nose in them.

4.  Socks.  Dark socks.  After two months, throw them away and get new ones.

5.  At least one pair of designer jeans that will go with a great looking, made to measure sport coat.  Yes, they might be expensive, but you’ll look and feel awesome.

And I’ll throw a 6th in there for ya!  Make sure you have some comfortable t-shirts, non-graphic, in assorted colors.

6.  Do you ever dress casual and if so, for what occasions? What are some casual looks you like to wear?

Absolutely and usually on Fridays.  Depending on the time of year, it’s a nice, dark pair of jeans, a well-fitting polo, and loafers (don’t forget the matching belt).  My go-to polos are TravisMathew and Criquet.

7. How do you dress differently when the temperature gets so warm here in Phoenix? Do you keep an extra shirt at the office if you sweat? Wear more linen fabrics?

During the summer, I’m in a lot more polos during the workweek and I’m sorry Mary to promote these but the Lululemon ABC pant which looks like dress slacks but are extremely comfortable.  I get it now ladies!  I absolutely keep an extra shirt and deodorant in the office just in case I do get sweaty.  During fall or winter (or lack thereof where we live) it’s more long sleeve dress shirts with quarter-zip pullovers and slacks or nice jeans.

8. What is your go-to look when closing a big deal?  

Full suit and tie with my “deal sleds” on.  If you don’t know what “deal sleds” are, Google it.

9. Any advice or style tips you would like to share?

As @GSElevator says “Buy a tuxedo by the time you’re 30.  Stay that size.”


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