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Treat Yourself!


Didn’t get what you wanted for the holidays? Don’t fret.  Many of us don’t.  The best gifts are the ones we buy ourselves and here are some great gifts that you can gift yourself.

A New Wallet – Stimulus checks are rolling out and a new wallet is a great place to store that cash.  I sell a great wallet brand called “Secrid Wallets”.  They are designed to be as compact as possible to fit comfortable in every pocket and have a unique card slide for protection and easy access.  They are mostly made from 100% leather, but I also carry a nonleather option if you prefer.  They hold between 4-6 cards (credit, bank, gift, id, etc) that slide up for easy access.  The colors, designs and details are modern and fresh.  I’ve sold a bunch to clients and they rave about them.

New Jeans – Something we wear 4 times a week, it may be time to give our old jeans a break and add a new pair to the rotation.  I sell Fidelity Jeans at my shop because they are made well, are light weight and have b/t 4-5 fits.  This is great since all men are built differently.  Try a dark wash or my favorite is a mid grey wash.  Great options you can dress up or down.  If you prefer a bootcut, I have that fit/look for you. Many jean brands are all about slim and Fidelity has trimmer cuts, however, they also make jeans for men with muscular legs and who don’t want a tight fit.  Other brands a lot of my clients’ love are PaigeLucky and AG.

WM Phoenix Open – This time of year, everyone starts talking about and planning to attend the Phoenix Open.  With Covid spreading like wildfire, the tournament will take place but with 25% capacity.  If you are feeling well and have your golf mask ready, take yourself to this event with some friends, coworkers and clients.  I’m not 100% sure of what rules will be in effect but be safe and enjoy yourself.  This event is the premier event of the year and I know many people are sad it’s not the same.  We will all look forward to attending again next year.

Wine Club – I know I get in the habit of drinking the same wine or beer and not venturing out.  Many wineries have wine clubs and you can join one or two where they deliver wines monthly to your door.  It’s a great way of trying new wines and especially ones you would never really try.  Tarbell’s is a local restaurant/wine shop that offers this wine club.  My favorite winery in Sonoma, Scribe, does as well.  If wine isn’t your thing, there are beer clubs and even bread clubs that deliver bread to your doorstep.  What can’t you get delivered these days?

A New Watch – A watch is a signature accessory every man owns.  It is so personal and important to him.  Many men have watches that were gifts from their father/grandfather, graduation gifts or what they bought themselves with their first commission check or bonus.  Watches are timeless, will never go out of style and like good whiskey, get better with age.  I love reading the Robb Report and learning about all the watches they talk about.  If you want to treat yourself to a new watch, check out their articles and reviews.  You will see some amazing timepieces

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