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TravisMatthew Best Seller – Open to Close Pant


It’s Mary here at Q. Contrary. And I’m excited to talk to you about the open to close pant from TravisMatthew. So I’ve mentioned this a lot in my social media. When I got this pant in about four or five months ago, it is fantastic. I’m gonna talk to you why a lot of my clients love wearing it.

Open to Close Pant – Why Men Love Them?

It’s really cool how a lot of brands are not just selling casual stuff or dress stuff. They’re giving men options to wear things everywhere and especially how men are dressing so casual these days, but they want the option to dress nicer in a performance, more comfortable fabric and look and brands have been doing this for a while, and they’re really listening to their customers. And TravisMatthew has done a really great job and offering a really great casual pant and a performance fabric, but that’s nicer that you can also dress fancier.

I mean, fancier like dressier for going out. We’re not talking about tuxedos. This is open to close pant. My clients love it because:

Lightweight fabric

So TravisMatthew used to always do and still does super light crisp shorts. Like their beck short, which is great. It feels like you’re wearing nothing, right? When you’re going golfing or you’re going out and you’re wearing the super light and crisp pant, it feels like you wear nothing. This pant is similar to that. It’s still lightweight, but it has a good body. So you’re still not gonna sweat your balls off when you wear it. But you’re also gonna feel like you’re wearing nothing, but it has like silky hand. It has good body. And the fabric is just really, really nice. I can tell you when I sell this pant to a client, he literally comes back a week later and it’s like, I want every color.

Open to Close Pant Has a Variety of Colors

My clients love the colors. If you want to pick something a little darker and dressier, I love these colors that they offer. It definitely is more dressier okay. With the blacks and the Navy’s.







Excellent Fit

The fit of this pant, which also makes it so great is it’s kind of trim. It’s not super, super slim. It’s not crazy tight, but it’s also not gonna hang on you like a sack. I sell a lot of these to guys who have a 38, a 40 or a 42 waist and they look fantastic. So when they grade the pant pattern up, it’s not like crazy baggy in the thighs. It’s still nice and clean. It’s comfortable. It’s light. It fits on every average dude, but if you got skinny legs, you might not love this. Or if you really want a super tight fit, you’re goanna want to take it to a tailor and get trim.

Open to Close Pant Has Plenty of Pockets

I love that they do the five pocket. So five pocket is just like your jeans, right? 1, 2, 3, and 4, 5 in the back. So it’s very relatable. This is a look you have in your closet. It’s not something new, revolutionary, but the fabric alone looks wonderful. Shouldn’t wrinkle a lot. It may wrinkle from time to time. You probably have to touch it with like a steamer or an iron, but this pant is fantastic. So try it.

I sell these at my shop here at Q. Contrary in Phoenix. If you want to try a pair, let me know if you need help with sizing. But just give this pant a try. In about a month. I’m having it a green color come in, so stay tuned. You’re going to love it. It’s a great new color to add to your rotation.


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