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Tim’s Blue Wedding Suit


For this wonderful couple’s cliffside California wedding, the details in this suit really set it apart.  Tim not only wanted something new and special for his very important day, but something that he could also wear again for other events.  Taking into consideration that the event would be outside, he gets hot easily, and that he had to travel; we chose a light weight, comfortable, and breathable 100% wool fabric for his suit.  The color is a brighter blue micro-textured yarn dyed fabric, so not a solid blue but it allows highs and lows to create a very subtle pattern itself; which really adds an element of fun.  Something great to have and wear on your wedding day.  We designed the suit with a classic look – notch lapel, single-breasted, two buttons with flap pockets.  This allows everyone to focus on his face and more importantly his bride.  When you pick a suit or look with details that stand out, people will focus on just that.  Tim wanted the attention drawn to his face and his bride (and I encourage that for many of my clients getting married).  Tim’s cufflinks, boutonniere, shoes, and belt add great finishing touches to his look and offer no distractions to his most important accessory, standing right next to him, his bride. Tim and Cecily your smiles says it all.  Q. Contrary is thankful to have helped bring your special day together. Congratulations and we are sending many well wishes your way!


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