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Timeless Throwbacks


Men, this is your minute-guide to summer looks that have withstood the test of both time, and taste. We’ll be reviewing style lessons from rock gods, Ivy League legends and iconic heart throbs.

  1. First up, the unforgettable playboy President, JFK. He is arguably the most stylish leader of our country, and elevated POTUS style to a whole new level. His clean cut classics earned him a spot on the list of eternal style. Responsible for the fame of Wayfarer glasses, he was often seen in relaxed boating gear. His look is both achievable, and comfortable, not to mention the underlying subtlety of “I didn’t even have to try to look this good.”

Copy his look:

2. Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, is next on the list. Notably remembered for his stage style, he doesn’t receive the deserved kudos for his summer uniform. His go to; a lightweight Breton top, paired with tailored chinos and leisure shoes. This look is the epitome of effortless prepster.

Give this look a try:

  1. Linen Blend Stripe Shirt 
  2. Tailored Chinos 
  3. Cool Kicks 

3. Robert Redford, the definition of style suave. A classic piece he brings back to life in his off-duty style, is the field jacket. This lightweight layer immediately amps up your style game, and all you had to do was throw it on. Pair it over a plan tee, and bam you have yourself a cross-seasonal statement piece. It doesn’t add extra bulk and won’t cause you to overheat.

Get his look:

  1. Field Jacket 
  2. Easy Tee 

4. Last but certainly not least, the King of Cool. Style idol, Steve McQueen had a rare capability to shock with simplicity. Heads would turn at the sight of his modest combination of long-sleeved linen shirts and short. More noteworthy, was the length and fit of his shorts. If you remember my blog post, The Beginning of a Short Era you’ll recall the dos and don’ts of short wearing.  Take note of the length, color and ease of his shirt. It allows for his shorts, or lack there of, to be less off-putting. NOTE: this look is not for everyone (women included.) Avoid looking like a retired reality TV star and aim for shorts that flatter your body type, perhaps saving the short shorts for a day at the beach.

Try it for yourself:

  1. Linen Long Sleeve 
  2. Modest, Mid Length Shorts 


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