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Time to Layer


Sebonack Quarter Zip

As the temps start to drop, time to dig out those sweaters, vests, and lightweight jackets.  Can't get away with just a polo shirt these days.  Here at my shop I've received a bunch of great options and am excited to share them with you.  Let's start with lightweight options and build up from there.

Lighter Weight Layering Piece 

These 2 layering pieces are the lightest weight.  Great is you need a layer but not something heavy.   The trailwolf jacket is like a wind breaker and the highway man is a t-shirt weight bomber jacket.  

The Taos full zip from Greyson has been very popular.  A lightweight jacket but not t-shirt weight.  It's a sweater knit in the front and soft tech knit in the back and sleeves.  It's a great layering piece because you can wear in doors and not feel like you must take it off.  

Quarter Zips

Quarter zips are the most popular layering piece.  If you are looking to replace one or add a fresh new color.  Here are 2 great options. I have more colors in my shop as well.  If you are a larger guy (Xl, 2XL or 3XL) - the Tate herringbone is a great option because the fabric drapes very nicely and lays better are larger built men.  Just something to consider.  


I love wearing a vest.  Easy and great way to layer to stay warm.  I have a handful of great vests in my store but these are 2 of my favorites.  One more casual and more dressier.  

Both no brainers and you can wear with everything. 


Nothing feels better than a brand-new sweater.  Last year I sold out of many of them and made sure to order more styles for you.  From quarter zips to crew necks to hoodies.  I have a variety.  The koko hoodie is my favorite and very popular.  If you are a quarter zip guy, try the hoodie.  If you are a more classic guy, then try the tomahawk sweater.   They all are medium weight sweaters but not crazy heavy.  You can wear over a dress shirt and not be too warm.  Plus, most are a cashmere blend, so they feel super soft. 


Dartmoor Jacket

Flannel Shirt Jacket

Want a layering piece that's not something mentioned above or even a sport coat? Here are 2 great options. These both have been very popular.  They are semi-custom made - meaning - I can adjust the chest, stomach and lengths.  Because they are not tailored jackets, they don't need to be crazy tight.  There are a handful of colors and fabrics to choose from.  A great wardrobe add for a guy who goes to dinners, events and wants something other than a sport coat or leather jacket to wear.  

Get these looks in my Phoenix shop or on my online store.  

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