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The Ultimate Tuxedo Guide


Spring is in the air.  It’s the time for galas and weddings, maybe yours, so you might need a tuxedo.  If you don’t have one, don’t sweat it.  Men today have so many great options from the classic black tuxedo just like the one your grandfather wore to a more modern take in bright colors or dressy patterns.

If the upcoming event is your first black tie or even your wedding, you’ll want something classic.  It’s a timeless look that will never go out of style.  If it’s not your first rodeo and your lifestyle requires that you attend multiple black ties every year, you can definitely up your game and wear something untraditional, loud, and full of color, pattern, and texture.

Need some inspiration or even a little courage to try a tuxedo that’s more daring?  I recommend looking to Hollywood stars to see what they’re wearing.  Trust me, not all of them do it well, but most, young and old alike, do.  The best place to look are the top Hollywood events, like the recent 94th Annual Oscars that aired on March 27th.

Following are a few ideas to help you find the perfect tux.  Whether you’re purchasing a tuxedo off-the-rack or having it custom-made, fit is critical.  If it’s not tailored or fits improperly, you won’t be comfortable or feel good about how you look.

The Classic Tuxedo:  Pick a jacket that suits your style.  The typical tuxedo jacket is single or double breasted without tails.  For a truly classic look, select black or a dark navy blue with satin lapels.  Pants should have a satin stripe running down the outside of each pant leg and satin trims.   A shawl collar (the kind with no visible notch or cut) is the traditional choice for a tuxedo and provides an elegant minimalist look.  Other lapel choices include peak and notch.   Satin covered buttons and these specific details make it classic and are a must to complete the look:  a white dress shirt, studs down the front of the shirt, and a bow tie or long tie.

Classic Velvet and Patterned Jackets:  Step up your classic look with velvet and patterned jackets.  Make sure to only select them in dark and solid colors to maintain that traditional elegant look.

The White Tuxedo:  While it’s hard to go wrong with a black tuxedo for most any special event, men are beginning to explore more unique looks that part with tradition without losing style.  One such look is the white tuxedo.  Though this look is not appropriate for all formal occasions, it’s sure to turn heads in a good way, especially when worn at outdoor events and in the spring and summer at galas and weddings.

The Black Tux with Black Shirt:  Changing the shirt color can create a bold new look in formal wear.  My favorite is a black shirt under a black tuxedo.  Top it off with a long black tie for a very modern and clean look that not only makes a sophisticated formal statement but also delivers an edgy, cool vibe.

Loud Tuxedos in Bold Colors and Patterns that Sparkle:  Tuxedos have come a long way since we first saw James Bond on the silver screen.  From bright reds to paisley prints to sparkles, gentlemen now have a wide variety of choices when it comes to formal wear.

Women’s Tuxedo Looks:  Not to be out done by their male counterparts, women have been inspired by men’s tuxedos and are now making it their own.  From shirts to jackets and pants and especially the use of satin, women are embracing the tuxedo look in formal wear.  The result is a sophisticated yet understated look with an emphasis on clean lines.

I’m Mary from Q. Contrary.  Check out my shop at 3168 East Camelback Road in Phoenix or visit my online store.  For those of you in need of a tuxedo, I hope my blog has been helpful.  On the other hand, if you want to go custom, I’d be delighted to help you design the perfect tuxedo for your special event, whether it be a gala, wedding or some other occasion that requires formal dress.


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