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The First Place You Should Always Shop


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photo courtesy of Container Store

Did you guess your closet? We often forget what is hanging behind these doors and get in the habit of wearing the same thing everyday.  There are many hidden gems in our closet that just need some fine tuning.  I  often suggest to my clients, “let’s review what you already have and tailor what doesn’t fit.”  Why buy another pair of black slacks when you have 3 hanging in your closet that are too tight, too big or too long? I help clients evaluate their current garments and determine if they are outdated or perhaps ill fitting, and make recommendations based on their stylistic goals.

Simply ask yourself why you haven’t been wearing certain clothes and can a tailor fix it?

Finding something in your closet that you haven’t worn in a while (or at all) and then getting it tailored is just like buying something brand new.


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