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The Cornerstone of Your Wardrobe


There are staples every wardrobe needs to have.  These are garments in classic colors and designs that will never will go out of style.  They consist of suits, blazers, slacks, blue jeans,  dress shirts, and t-shirts.  I would encourage you to invest in a better quality of these wardrobe essentials because you are going to wear them more often.   When shopping for the staples, select colors that compliment each other.  For instance, make sure the white and blue dress shirts can be worn with the blazer, suit, slacks and jeans.

Here are a list of basics I advise my clients to have in their wardrobe:

Navy Suit

Navy Suit

Suits – A mid blue and grey are a must – you can wear to a job interview, wedding or social event.

Blazer/sport coat – I like blues and grays that are different from the suits in your closet. You should select a jacket that has a micro pattern or texture.

Slacks – Blacks, grays and blues that can be worn with your sport coats (if needed).

Navy White Shirt

Navy Check Shirt

Purple Dress Shirt

Purple Pattern Dress Shirt

Dress shirts – Whites, blues and purples. These do not need to be solid. Go crazy with stripes, checks and micro prints.

Blue jeans – I like the mid to darker colors because they can be dressed up with a blazer for a cocktail party or worn casual with a t-shirt and sneakers to brunch .

T-shirts – Solid white, black, and heather grey are a must, and I am not opposed to a logo or design.  You don’t want to be too boring.

Shoes – I suggest brown and black dress shoes, sneakers and a casual loafer.  When selecting shoes, think more future and fashion.  Don’t think what your grandpa wore.  It’s ok to step out of the box here.

The goal of these basics is to have pieces that can be worn all year round and be worn with almost everything in your closet.  Make sure they are tailored and fit you perfectly.


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