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The Benefits of Custom-Made Shirts



When people hear the word “custom clothing” they immediately think expensive and only for fashionistas.  There are a lot of benefits to custom clothing that many people don’t know about. I interviewed a handful of my clients and asked why they buy custom shirts vs off the rack shirts and here 5 reasons why they enjoy custom shirts:

      1.) You get a better fit

– Store brands and designers have fit models they design and make clothes for.  These clothes are then graded or sized up based theirsizing. Men and women today don’t always fit this mold.  Often times these brands thing because you have a large chest means you have a large stomach and as a result you are swimming in your shirts.  Custom shirts are a great option for anyone who can’t find their fit off the rack. I hear from a lot of my clients they have to buy a shirt for their neck size but then it’s too big everywhere else.  Custom shirts solve these fit issues. I take around 20 measurements to help ensure the proper fit. From neck, to chest, sleeve, length, shoulder incline, etc. I take the time to listen to what fit issues my clients are having and help solve them.  Custom made means you get to adjust certain aspects such as:

  • – The ease in the neck area
  • – The length and fit of the sleeves
  • – The amount of additional body length and where exactly you would like the shirt hem to be.
  • – How trim or full you want the shirt to fit in your stomach.

These fit issues and more can be solved with custom shirts.  

     2.) Quality of the Material

– With off the rack, the quality isn’t always the priority.  It’s about cost effective and mass producing of garments. These clothes don’t go through the hands of professionals who scrutinize every detail. This isn’t the case with custom clothing.  Custom tailors value precision. They adhere to the right number of stitches per inch – which keeps the fabric durable.  With custom, you get to select the fabrics yourself and not have to pick from what the store has to sell you.  I carry many 100% cotton fabrics as well as cotton blends. Since we live in a warm climate, I tend to carry lighter weight fabrics I know people in this part of the country like to wear.  I carry a variety of weaves and textures which have an effect on how the shirt will perform – how well air flows through to if the fabric will wrinkle or not. I help inform my clients what fabrics is best for them based on how they like their shirts to perform.  These details and options help my clients design a shirt that becomes their favorite shirt.

     3.) You can highlight your personal style

– There is a limit to how much of “you” is reflected in ready-made clothing. However, custom made clothing allows you to bring out more individuality. You get to be creative.  Not only do you get to pick the fabrics and patterns with custom shirts, you also get to select what collar you like, the buttons, cuffs, trim colors, monograms and other design features. There are a lot of options and you decide what the final product will look like. It’s a garment you personally design.  Here are some features you get to decide:

  • Collar shape – It includes styles such as conventional point, spread, button down and more unusual ones like a hidden button down or tab collar.
  • Cuff shape – You can try cuffs that are squared off or have rounded corners to look more masculine. There is also a convertible cuff if you like to wear cufflinks from time to time.
  • Pocket shape: You can either add a chest pocket or two or do away with them to get a cleaner look for your shirt.  
  • Monograms – some clients like to add their initials to show a more a personal detail and some leave it off for a more casual shirt.
  • Harris model – this is the contrast detail inside collar band, cuffs and placket details.  This is my favorite way to style a shirt and show personality.

     4.) There is less time and effort wasted

– Unlike clothes shopping, the custom-made route is controllable and straightforward. I know that feeling of having to go out of your way for off-the-rack clothing – trying to pick out the best thing. If you don’t like shopping, it’s torture. But when working with a tailor – you’re pretty much guaranteed to get something. You’re told how long it takes to be finished, and then it’s just a matter of waiting. You don’t spend time entering a store to look around or see “sold out” and “unavailable” items.  Make sure to communicate well with your tailor and ask questions when you don’t understand. When I work with clients, I like to let them talk and I listen to what their needs are and what clothes issues they are having. Be clear about your needs and preferences. But you should also listen to his/her suggestions or point of view. (This is somebody who’s dressed thousands of customers before!). Even after opening my store, I offer the option of meeting clients at their homes or offices. They appreciate the service and convenience.  Many times, we go thought what they have in their closet and are able to merchandise shirts with suits and slacks they already have, and I explain how they can put outfits together with certain shoes and accessories. Custom may cost more but these extra touches and conveniences are worth it.

     5.) Your clothes last longer

– The materials used, overall the quality is better and therefore fewer problems to face later on. You’ll avoid paying for lots of repairs (or even replacements). Any issues that may happen over time can be dealt with easily by a skilled tailor (they’re usually tiny adjustments). In this consumer-driven world of temporary goods, you want to be a smart buyer. Even with online shopping, consumers today want to feel fabrics and know it’s a good quality.  Online shopping is convenient, but it isn’t always what you thought you would get. With custom, you feel the fabrics, review samples, talk to a tailor who will ensure it will fit and correct it if it doesn’t.  For my clients who are hesitant, I suggest starting with one shirt and wearing it to make sure they like it. Instead of making 6 and not liking any of them. It can be an adjustment the first time you wear something that fits correctly and because it can be an investment, I suggest just ordering 1 or 2 and testing it.  I highly recommend this for anyone who hasn’t worn custom clothing before.

To schedule a personal fitting or to learn more about the benefits of custom clothing, call (602-301-6987) or email ([email protected]).  


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