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The Beginning of a Short Era


The Guardian claims that “thigh’s the limit” in new shorts ensembles emerging from this year’s Men’s Fashion Week. The leg bearing trend could be seen strutting down the cobblestone streets of Europe and all throughout designer runway shows.

Are trendsetters and designers taking inspiration from an ACDC holiday in the sun (image below) and making short-shorts cool again? Or have they gone totally rogue and welcomed all fashion faux pas with open arms?

Since the dawn of time, Europeans have been deemed shorts a treacherous, “American” take on loungewear. Thus remains the notion that shorts qualify as “casual wear” and are only somewhat tolerable when attending backyard BBQ’s or a child’s birthday party. Now it would seem, we are living in what some may call the “Golden Era of Shorts.” Shorts of all patterns, colors, fabrics and lengths are emerging from the woodwork.

Jason Hughes, the fashion editor for Wallpaper, thinks the trend says more about the evolving definition of masculinity. “There’s a sense of liberation and freedom that comes from wearing short shorts. They unapologetically put a man’s leg fully on display casting aside any inhibitions. They fit within the current fashion debate surround clothing being more gender fluid.”

So now that men’s legs are experiencing liberation from the confinement of pants, will covering up be a thing of the past? I certainly don’t think so. While shorts can serve a purpose in a man’s wardrobe, there is a time and a place for one to wear them. It’s as if the fashion overlords are claiming flip-flops are now suitable as formal attire.

You may now be wondering “Where CAN I wear shorts?” Times that call for shorts are occasions of ultimate leisure and are unquestionably casual. Think, running to the grocery store, boating, grilling, beach vacations and so on.

Here’s a great Esquire article about how your shorts should fit. In my personal opinion you’re safe to stay in the 7-9 inch length arena. These are examples of an appropriate fit, they should hit right above the knee or just about the middle of your knee (examples below.)

Here’s a few pairs I find to be of good quality and won’t make those around you wonder when you’ll be joining a WHAM! cover band. 


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