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The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide For Husbands, Fathers, Brothers, Boyfriends, Bosses, Coworkers & Yourself


It’s mid-December and the holidays are fast approaching. I’ve composed a list a great gift ideas for yourself or men in your life. It’s a list of things I like or clients love. Hope you find these gift ideas helpful!!

Travel Lover

More and more people are staying at Airbnb when they travel vs a hotel so why not gift an Airbnb giftcard.   Yes! These are available.  There is a link at the bottom of the page (but you have to sign into access).   It will encourage them to take a trip and maybe they will invite you to go with them. That’s a win win!!

The Outdoor Enthusiast

A local cyclist and avid hiker created this amazing product to help dry out your hydration bladder after a long day outdoors. It’s called BonDry.  It’s a no brainer for any hiker, backpacker, cyclist, etc.  I struggle with cleaning out my water pack and I recently discovered this product and love it.  You can even get one for yourself. 

The Foodie

There are so many hot new restaurants opening in town. Sure, a giftcard to their favorite restaurant or the hottest steakhouse in town is a great gift (bot not original).  Why not gift them a cooking class or even your entire work team.  Experiences are more desired by men today and a cooking class is a great idea.  Sur La Table has great ones but also google or ask your friends.   I did a singles cooking event years ago at Sur La Table.  I didn’t meet anyone I was interested in but left with 9 amazing recipes that I cook regularly to this day.   Totally worth it. 

The Fashionably Challenged

We all have a friend or coworker who could use some help with how they dress.  It can be a sticky subject to say flat out but gifting a custom shirt or suit is a great idea to encourage improving how they present themselves.  Send them my way and I’ll help they find their style and some great tailored looks.  They can make an appointment with or without you and you can always send me some ideas about what you would like them to wear (or not wear).  This is a great idea for anyone on your team or a guy who just graduated from school.  Help they build a wardrobe that fits and makes them feel like a million bucks.  Here are some suggestions:

Custom Shirt Subscription

Custom Suit Promo

Custom Shirt & Slacks Promo – this is my most popular

The Gym Rat

I’m sure you have heard the chatter about the Peloton Bike commercial and people getting all upset about a husband buying his (already) skinny wife a bike for the holidays.  I think this is so silly! Working out actually relieves stress and makes you feel better.  Plus, she was already in good shape before she received the bike.  Anyhoo….some people would love this.  I’m not one and not encouraging you buy this bike but for the men who like to work out, why not treat them to some new gym clothes, gym bag, smoothie ingredients, a personal training session or airpods.  I recently joined a new gym and the men there look great in their shorts and shirts.  They give the women a run for their money.   

You can always treat him to a round of golf at his favorite course.  If you are a golfer, join him.  Again, it’s about experiences and being thoughtful.  Don’t forget you get to golf as well.  Working out together, may not be as enjoyable – especially if you are his boss or unfit friend.  Round of golf would be a better idea. 

The Workaholic

For your hardest working friend or employee – give them a day off work! HA! Maybe not but you can treat him to a massage.   We all need a day to recharge and rest.  Spa days and massages are a great way to spend it.  We have some of the best resorts and spas here in town. The Montelucia is my favorite.   There are also places like Massage Envy if you that is more their speed.  If they don’t want it, keep it for yourself.  That’s a win. 

Cocktail Lover

Like a cooking class, you can find great cocktail classes or mixology classes around town but you can also keep it simple and stock his bar.  New glasses, stirs, napkins, etc could be great additions to stock his bar.   CB2 has a more modern and edgy assortment.  Check out their shop in North Scottsdale.  If you want to add actual liquors, you can always give them your favorite scotch or whiskey.  If you are looking for something more trendy – try Mezcal or Tequila.  I prefer Mezcal Carreno and Tequila Corcel.  They are my favorites, and I have both in my shop if you want to come in to try a sampling.

I hope these ideas help and take away the hassle of last minutegift giving this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!!!!


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