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Take Note of Bespoke


What is a bespoke suit?
Are you wondering what a bespoke suit is? Has the thought never even crossed your mind? I’m here to walk you through why you need a bespoke suit in your life.

A bespoke suit is a suit that is handmade from the ground up. Bespoke suits can be made using a variety of materials, silhouettes and can be customized to fit any client’s needs. All Q. Contrary bespoke suits are made in America by master tailors. The advantage of bespoke is the master tailor makes a paper pattern just for you. A variety of measurements are taken including, the slope of your shoulders, fullness of your chest, curve of your back, and other fit issues you may have. These details are all carefully considered when making your paper pattern. This is the advantage in comparison to made to measure products, an existing pattern is taken and adjusted based on your exact measurements. Q. Contrary works with master tailors to build/construct your suit.

How it works:

  1. You and I will have an initial meeting (in your home or office) to discuss your personal needs; stylistic likes/dislikes and we will review materials, colors and patterns. We will conceptualize the fit and discuss occasions and settings in which you may be wearing the garment.
  2. Q. Contrary will take detailed measurements, taking into account various postures and mobility.
  3. You will then receive a scarp to try on. A scarp is the shell of your jacket and pant, hand sewn together. Mary meets you for another personal fitting, ensuring the fit of the final product will meet your expectations.
  4. The suit is sent back to the master tailors to be finished. All adjustments are made to the paper pattern and the chosen fabric fabric is cut by hand. The hair canvas on the suit is hand sewn (pick stitched) in, rather than being fused into place. Jackets are constructed with a full canvas “the true old fashion way.” The canvas is what gives the garment it’s shape. Everything from the buttonholes, to parts of the lining are completed by hand.
  5. The materials you have chosen will then be crafted into a bespoke suit. After its completion we will have another fitting to ensure you are pleased with the result. The entire process takes between 4-6 weeks. Suits can be produced faster, but will include a rush fee.

Why do you need a bespoke suit?

Unbeatable Fit

  • The biggest draw of a bespoke suit is its uncanny ability to fit the wearer. Fit plays into how comfortable a suit is, how good it looks, and ultimately how you feel when wearing it.
  • The cost maybe higher than most menswear products, but the feel and fit of a bespoke suit is priceless. It is truly made to your expectations and fit.


  • The amount of time and energy poured into a hand-crafted suit should not be overlooked. Attention to detail goes into every piece of the garment, ensuring it will last far longer than any mass-produced merchandise.
  • The workmanship makes the suit easier to adjust over time. Rather than dealing with seasonal sales people, I keep your measurements on hand and up-to-date so we can alter your pieces quickly and efficiently.
  • These fabrics travel well, and will last for years to come. If cared for, you will have your bespoke suit for 15+ years.

 Individualized Style

  • This one is sort of a given but deserves honorable mention. Everything from shape, material, details and finishing is completely customized to you. You have the ultimate creative control in creating this one of a kind suit.
  • Bespoke suits start at $2000 and go up depending on the quality of the fabric.  Q. Contrary selects fabrics from some of the best British and Italian mills.
  • These suits lend themselves to the latest designs, on trend looks and softest handfeel.


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