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Tailored Doesn’t Have to be Tight


The trend in custom clothing has gone from extreme tight to tailored.  The last couple years, when I would watch Sport Center or the NFL pregame show, I see young athletes sporting extremely tight-fitting jackets and pants to their games.  You can see every muscle in their body. The older broadcasters or retired athletes tend to wear a more tailored look.  I noticed in the last 6 months, the younger athletes have loosened their fit but still trim and fitted. I’m very happy to see this change in fit.  When I meet with a new client, they are concerned that I am going to make a really trim and tight suit, like the athletes. About 5% of my clients like and want that fit, but the majority don’t.  I’m happy to report.

I recently met with a client, Brittain, who works in real estate and wears shirts and slacks every day.  His role is the finance side of the deals and sits in front of the computer daily.   He needed some new shirts and slacks but doesn’t like tight fitting clothing. Brittain wants to be able to move without his clothes restricting him. I could tell he works out and had a muscular physic.  I helped him select a couple solids and patterned shirts and slacks. He likes to wear dark colors and we selected an assortment to merchandise into his wardrobe.

Take a look at his before and after.  He was very happy with the fit and feel of his new clothes.  They are tailored but not too fitted. Doesn’t he look great!

Clothes don’t have to be oversized or big in order to be comfortable.  Brittain’s new shirts and slacks are tailored but there is still room for him to be comfortable.  When clothes fit right and are made for you, they should feel great. I’m excited to follow up with Brittain and see how he likes these new additions to his wardrobe.

Let me help you add some tailored fitting shirts and slacks to your wardrobe.  

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