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Style 101: Learn From Some of the Best


Online editorial, Fashion Beans lays out some very critical style lessons from some seriously stylish men. I use the phrase “style lessons” because “style rules” set forth by others inevitably will be broken, and often should be. These lessons should be used throughout your evolving style journey and eventually morphed into your own set of rules.  Identifying your own personal style can be difficult, inconvenient and time consuming. To accelerate my clients personal style process, I not only offer customized clothing, I also offer personal shopping and styling services.

5 key takeaways: 

  1. Age Appropriate Clothing does NOT have to = BORING
    Hitting the phase of life when you realize you’re no longer 30 doesn’t mean an immediate style downgrade. Your age does not now limit you to “dad jeans” and New Balance trainers. Staple pieces are an easy way to maintain a personal sense of style.Staple pieces I love:
    – a basic white tee 
    – relaxed fit jeans
    – a solid outerwear piece 
    -comfy sneakers
    -chukka boot -chukka boot 
    – staple pants 
  1. There is such a thing as “Casual Cool”
    Understanding the difference between sweatpants in public and effortless casual is key. Creating an “off duty” look is not as hard as it sounds. There’s a fine line between comfort and pajamas, look for pieces you feel comfortable in but that fit you well. Combining a casual shirt with a pair of tailored trousers is an easy go-to move.
    zac-efron-and-alexandra-daddario-visit-bondi-beach-lifeguard-team-05.jpg navy-polo-black-chinos-white-leather-low-top-sneakers-large-26275.jpg
    Zac Effron                                   John LegendCasual Cool pieces I love:
    -perfect jean jacket 
    – chelsea boot 
    – bomber jacket
    – v neck tee 
    – leather jacket 
    – slim fit jeans 
    – black jeans 
  2. Tailoring is insanely important
    A “run of the mill dinner suit” doesn’t scream success. Brilliant tailoring is the key to looking put together. Whether a suit, trousers or a shirt, the fit is a critical component in an accomplished man’s wardrobe.
  3. Print with caution
  4. Prints can bring life to your wardrobe, if executed properly. You can utilize prints in casual wear, work wear and occasion wear. A graphic tee can be worn alone or with a cool outerwear piece. Try to limit your graphic tees to band t-shirts, brand logos, sports teams or appropriate imagery, avoid off-color humor or lewd images.A power suit in tasteful patterns can up your style game in a major way. It’s subtlety makes a fashion statement without being flamboyant.Aim to stick with one attention-seeking item, you don’t need wild shoes in a print suit or a colorful jacket with a graphic t-shirt.
  5. David Gandy                                        Patrick DempseyPrint pieces I love:
  6. – Band tee 
  7. – Brand tee 
  8. – Sports team tee 
  9. – Suit Jacket 
  10. – Sport Coat 
  11. – Print Suit 
  12. Find your uniform 
  13. Find pieces that you can put on without even thinking about it. When selecting these pieces think about what makes you feel comfortable, what kind of clothing represents you, what’s your budget?On the weekends are you a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy? There’s a fine line between slob essentials and effortless classics. Stained tees and light wash”dad jeans” should make their exit now, enter dark jeans and a fit tee.There is a difference between an untucked, ironed button down and a Hawaiian print shirt. Though they both require about the same amount of effort they communicate vastly different messages. My suggestion, snag some quality “wash n’ wear” pieces that you can thrown on and instantly look put together. If you find something you like don’t be ashamed to purchase it in a variety of colors.

Uniform pieces I love: 
-off duty pants 
-simple tee 
-slim fit jeans 
-easy button up 
-denim shirt 
– classic sneaker 
– regular fit button up 

Full Fashion Beans article: http://www.fashionbeans.com/article/surprising-style-lessons-worlds-best-dressed-men/


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