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Spring Fresh From TravisMathew


An exciting new capsule from TravisMathew has just survived!

I love this capsule because it’s light and a “kiss of mint” color fresh for spring. It’s a perfect collection for going golfing or to the office, all around very wearable colors.

This first polo is called “Drop Anchor” and is what I would like to call a “no brainer” by TravisMathew.  This navy-blue polo features a chest stripe of palm leaves in a grey and “kiss of mint” color, with a clean back.

Next polo we have is called “Sun Rays”, ours here at Q. Contrary is different from what you might find out there, as I have asked TravisMathew to remove the logo from the chest.  Many of our customers have been asking for less logos on the front of the shirt, to make it more wearable.  But have no fear, you will still get the TravisMathew hit logo on the back.  Taking the logo off the chest, makes it more versatile of shirt to wear to the office or giving a presentation, without screaming the brand.

Our next hit features a super wearable print called “Stay on Target”, it’s a white polo with an all-over grey print, with hints of that “kiss of mint” color I keep mentioning. It is very much the New Hawaiian print, that’s a little bit more edgy and botanical versus Tommy Bahama.  This is a very wearable polo with any sort of colored bottoms.

Up next, we have two new swim shorts. I’m telling you I got swim shorts last year, and sold out of them very, very quickly. I’ve honestly never sold something so fast in my life.

This one is called “Park the Shark”. Just super cool across the lower hips print.  In fact, it’s the stipe same as the “Drop Anchor” polo, however it would be too matchy matchy to wear together.  I love this very wearable and cool swim short.  Our last short is called “Buff Buddy”,

I will say when you look at this item online, it looks more white. It’s not, it’s more of like a light purplish gray. So, if you check out my online store and see the two different pictures, I am keeping it as a contrast color, so please keep that in mind.  Believe me, this micro print is so very cool, you will look so tan in these shorts,

So please check out the New TravisMathew Capsule, it’s all on my online store, and my shop here in Phoenix.

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