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Slob Central


Lately, male celebrities are taking a turn down ‘Slob Central’, exploring what The Wall Street Journal calls a new category of fame… the “Slob-ebrity.” Prime example: Justin Bieber, once a street style guru, has recently been looking more like a toddler gone rogue when left to his own devices.

Next up, Saturday Night Live’s youngest crew member- Pete Davidson. Taking style tips from his beau Ariana Grande, he’s taken up permanent residency on Slob Central. The once seemingly put together youngster, is now sporting Slim Shady inspired hair and aims for uncomplimentary colors that seem to have the sole purpose to make him look relatively unwell.

Vanity Fair coined the term ‘Scumbro’ to identify this trendsetter. “The scumbro wears Patagonia and Crocs but also the latest Adidas limited drop.” It’s an ironic, and slightly horrifying combination of expensive graphic tees, urban sneakers and sweatpants. Essentials to nail these looks:
– A hefty budget
– Go for oversized and unmatched and occasionally unflattering
– When all else fails, sprinkle in a designer logo or ten

Humor aside, please do not attempt these looks outside the home. Street Style is alive and well for many style icons “scumbro fashion is for men who don’t need logical colorways and tailoring, who are privileged and/or famous enough to dress like a teen slacker.” Take Scott Disick for example, you can  keep it casual and comfortable, but still look like you made an effort.

Or channel Alexander Skarsgard’s monochrome mentality. He utilizes the always trendy rule of thumb, matching is a good thing.

‘Grunge’ can be cool, when executed properly. Even celebs have a bad hair day, check out how Bradley Cooper goes grunge, but avoids slob. 

Have questions? Contact me and we can set up a wardrobe consult and make sure you steer clear of Slob Central.


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