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Shoe Guide – Allen Edmonds


When it comes to men’s shoes there is one place that I go for quality and timeless style, Allen Edmonds.  Allen Edmonds has been around for 100+ years and makes a shoe that lasts.  From their style to craftmanship, this brand is timeless and great for every gentleman.  I shop regularly at their Keirland location with Lashaw.  He’s extremely helpful and has great taste.  I interviewed him asking all about men’s shoes and here is what he had to say.  Enjoy!

1. What are 3-4 Allen Edmonds shoes every man should have in his wardrobe?

2. What makes Allen Edmonds shoes so special and unique? Why is the quality so great?

  1. Goodyear welted and Full Grain leather
  2. Can be recrafted
  3. Available in narrow and wider widths
  4. Made in the USA

3. What are your thoughts on matching belts to shoes?

When it comes to more dressier outfits, especially a suit the belt & shoes must match!

However, with casual looks, belt must match the outfit, not the shoes.

4. What are some shoe trends you are seeing this fall?

5. Every guy is seen wearing that Allen Edmonds “sport sneaker” – what new styles do you have in your shop?

6. How can a man take care of his shoes? How often should he have his shoes shined?

These are a couple tools and accessories you should have to keep your shoes polished and holding up:

  1. Shoe trees
  2. Shine cloth
  3. Edge dressing
  4. leather lotion
  5. Polish cream
  6. Horsehair brush

Make sure to shine your shoes at least 1-2 times a week (if worn frequently) and 1-2 times a year infrequently.

7. Do you offer shoes for men with wide feet?

Yes, we do from very narrow AAA to very wide EEE

8. What is the largest shoe size you sell? Can men get larger shoe sizes online?

We offer sizes 5 to16 (Select styles are available the larger sizes get).  Call me (323-207-6438) if you need help finding a shoe.

9. If you had to recommend 1 Allen Edmonds shoe for every guy to buy this fall, what would it be?

Higgins Mill boot is perfect the guy who needs the basics.

Liverpool boot is a must for the guy who loves fashion?

Landon boot is great the guy who is more traditional?

For the guy who has every shoe, he needs Chelsea boot in Olive

10. Where is your store located and how can my clients contact you for help?

Store Located at Scottsdale Kierland Commons

Name: Lashaw

Email: [email protected]

Text: (323) 207-6438


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