This package is made up of three individual sessions that will leave you with a fully refreshed wardrobe and a litany of outfit options to choose from.

During our second appointment we will embark on a personal shopping excursion based on our defined shopping goals, your budget and the image you want to present.  I’ll pull looks from 2-3 stores that reflect the image you want to present. I’ll teach you what brands, colors, styles and pieces you should have in your wardrobe.  I’ll walk you through how clothing should fit and what brands fit your lifestyle and figure the best.

Complete Package Process

During our first appointment, we will:

  1. Sit down to discuss your lifestyle, career, how you currently dress, the image you would like to present and how you like clothes to fit.
  2. Asses the items in your wardrobe based on your personal style, current lifestyle, and fit.
  3. Perform a wardrobe audit, where clothes will be divided into four categories – keep, purge, tailor, donate/consign.  This process will help you see what’s in your closet from a fresh perspective. I’ll help you trim down your wardrobe to your best, most wearable pieces that represent the image you want to present.
  4. The clothes that need alterations, I will pin/chalk and take to my tailor to have altered and return them when finished.  The clothes that need to be donated, I’ll gladly donate to a local charity. For the clothes to consign, I have a list of places I recommend.
  5. I’ll create a shopping list of what items you are missing in your wardrobe and what you need to create a wardrobe that reflects the new you.

During our second appointment, we will:

  1. Review the preselected articles of clothing.  I’ll explain why I selected them, where and how to wear them.
  2. We will merchandise looks with shoes, belts, and accessories to complete the entire look.
  3. I’ll explain how to incorporate what you have in your wardrobe with your new pieces.
  4. I’ll make a list of brands, sizes, and stores we shopped so you can easily reference in future.

*Pre-Shopping is included with this service. Just show up and I’ll have items waiting for you to kick-off our shopping excursion.

During our third appointment, we will:

Meet to review everything in your wardrobe and I’ll walk through how to put outfits together, how to accessorize and where to wear certain looks.

All this may be overwhelming and that’s why I break it up in a couple appointments.

Cost $1200 Time 8-10 hours (total 3 appointments)

“Mary exuded professionalism, creativity, and the extra mile. Coordinating suits for all the groomsmen in the party is never easy, particularly when there are different shapes, personalities, and, of course, budgets! Her kind demeanor and passion for style came through immediately, making our experience wonderful. I look forward to working with Mary again for my day to day needs.”

David Martens

“She is the best. Have Mary help with your business or casual wardrobe. You will be glad you did. (It’s not really like shopping!)”

Jay Thorne


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