Bespoke suits and jackets are made with some of the finest fabrics

Designing a garment for the public is not what we do. Our Bespoke Tailoring line means that each order is unique, derived from a one on one consultation of our clients’ specific needs, wants, requirements, shape, complexion, and schedule. Everything is tailored to optimize look, performance, feel, and fit. We look forward to guiding you along the way, offering professional recommendations.

A Bespoke suit is one that has been crafted almost entirely by hand. The pattern is handmade to the specifications of your body and the garment is hand cut by a skilled tailor exclusively for you.  The buttonholes, pick stitching, pad stitching, lining, sleeves, and more are all hand sew by a tailor here in the US. Q. Contrary partners with master tailors who are trained with 40+ years of experience and are truly skilled in old-world tailoring.

Fabrics range in color, pattern, texture, composition, and weave. They also change with the seasons, and trends do come and go. We offer a full range of casual, formal, and business fabrics sourced from the best mills in Italy and the United Kingdom. The mills such as Gladson and Scabal are represented in our swatch collection. Narrowing it down to just one fabric can be overwhelming at times, but with our expertise, the decision will become manageable and fun.

The construction of our garments are of such great quality, that you will be wearing them for 10+ years. The inner linings, buttons, padding, canvas, and fabric will be top of the line. The only reason to buy again is because fashion is constantly changing, and you know we will be always up to date with the latest fittings, designs, and fabrics.

The Fitting Process

Having a bespoke suit or jacket made is an experience every gentleman should try.  Unlike custom suits and jackets, bespoke clothing includes a first fitting where a try on garment is made to ensure the fit is exactly how you would like it.  Your suit or jacket is sent, hand sewn together for a try on fitting.  You get to see and feel your garment before it is finished. At this fitting, Mary will consult on how the jacket/suit fits, where you need more or less room, how you like the overall look and style.

After your first fitting, the garment is sent back to the tailors to be finished with all your comments and adjustments made. The entire process takes about 5-7 weeks. Mary can have your bespoke suit/jacket ready sooner if needed. Call or email to schedule your personal fitting.

  • Bespoke Suits range from $2000-$6000
  • Bespoke Jackets range from $1800-$4500
  • Time frame is 5-7 weeks.

Please contact Mary directly at 602-301-6987  or [email protected] to schedule your consultation today.

“Mary exuded professionalism, creativity, and the extra mile. Coordinating suits for all the groomsmen in the party is never easy, particularly when there are different shapes, personalities, and, of course, budgets! Her kind demeanor and passion for style came through immediately, making our experience wonderful. I look forward to working with Mary again for my day to day needs.”

David Martens

“She is the best. Have Mary help with your business or casual wardrobe. You will be glad you did. (It’s not really like shopping!)”

Jay Thorne


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