Custom Clothing

Custom clothing is a great option for the any gentleman who can’t find his size off the rack or just wants something no one else will have.  I take your measurements and personally design shirts, suits, slacks, jackets, etc for your lifestyle.  I partner with some of the best fabric mills around the world to find the right look for your lifestyle, budget and how you like clothes to fit. It’s a great experience and allows you to pick all the details of your garments.  Every man should try it.

Custom Shirts – Starts at $150

Custom Jackets – Starts at $850

Custom Suits  – Starts at $1000

Custom Slacks – Starts at $400 but when you buy 2 pairs you get a third one free.

***Price depends on the fabric you choose.  Message me for more info and to set an appointment at your home or office.


Lose weight or clothes just don’t fit right? I highly suggest tailoring what you have vs buying double.  Simple alterations can make clothes fit more comfortably.  I partner with 2 tailors who do amazing work.  Let me help you love the clothes in your closet.  I come to your home or office, pin/chalk your clothing and deliver when finished.  Fee: $50 an hour plus the cost of the alterations.

Wardrobe Consultation

Spend time going thru your closet to see what works and what doesn’t.  Review your look and discuss how you would like to present yourself.  Find what pieces are missing and what you need to achieve a look that unique to you.  Fee: $75 an hour

Personal Shopping

Spend time reviewing your current look and discuss the style and image you would like to present.  After we have decided what is needed,  we would then spend time shopping and building a wardrobe that fits your budget.  Fee: $75 an hour

Grooms Attire

I can help find the right look for your special day.  Together, we will review colors, fits and how you would like to shine on the most important day of your life.  It’s important to find a look that will compliment your bride or partner.  I would be honored to be a small part of your big day! Fee: $50 per person/groomsman

Gift Buying

Too busy to shop? Your personal shopper can help.  Give us a list of ideas  or simply provide details about who the gift is for and your personal shopper will do the rest. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, we can help with any event.  Also, we are happy to gift wrap and deliver (if needed).  Fee: $50 per hour