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Q. Contrary on Your Life Arizona TV


Last week I did a guest segment on Your Life Arizona.  It is all about what to get your dad for Father’s Day and how to look polished when dressing casually this summer.  I was so nervous but had the best time. My 3 models/clients, Bill, Geoff, and Bryan were wonderful. If you missed it, here you go:

Dress Dad for Father’s Day

Men enjoy looking good and wearing clothes that give them confidence. A great option for a Father’s Day gift is a custom suit, shirt or jacket. Q. Contrary can help with this. The first model, Bill Hahn, is wearing a custom suit she made for his wedding. I love the subtle plaid he picked. Bill is tall and has a difficult time finding clothes that fit his frame. Custom shirts and suits are a great option for him because they are made for his body. This blue plaid suit is a great pattern because he can wear it after his wedding for business, parties, taking his wife out, and it will never go out of style. The next model, Geoffrey Harris, is wearing one of my favorite looks – monochromatic. This is a big trend happening now in menswear. His light blue shirt, blue suit and tonal blue tie all coordinates together. Geoff’s custom suit is made from Scabal fabric and has a very tonal texture. From afar it looks like a solid blue suit but up close you see the personality of the fabric. I love how he selected peak lapel and angled pockets. You can design a look like this for your dad. I do encourage my clients to pick things that are unique and what they feel confident to wear. Love the shoes Geoff paired with his suit and don’t forget the fun socks. Accessories are a great way for men to show personality with an outfit. The next model is Bryan. He has great style and loves to wear edgy looks. I love the green plaid jacket I custom made for him. This color and pattern can be worn to work, dinner, weddings or out with friends. Bryan has a great personality and his clothing shows that. When you think of something for your dad this Father’s Day, pick something that will show his personality and he will love!! This green jacket can be worn all year here just maybe not November, December or January. We don’t have seasons here in AZ but I would still sport this jacket the other warmer months because of the brighter color.

How to look polished while dressing casually

Men today want to dress casual while still looking polished. There are a handful of ways to do this. My first model, Bill Hahn, is wearing a custom shirt I made for him pair with jeans. The shirt looks great untucked with this fun print. I love the contrast trim we paired to show some style and edge to his look. This is a great casual look but still looks polished because the shirt fits him. It’s not too baggy or loose. He loves wearing it because it is comfortable and has design to it. It’s not your basic blue solid shirt. I love the jeans he is wearing, and the loafers dress the look up. Bill could wear this shirt with shorts or casual sneakers or flip flops and still look great. It’s all about how it fits and how he feels in it. He’s comfortable and casual at the same time. My next model, Geoff, is wearing a great bright pink golf shirt paired with black athletic pants. This look is casual but looks polished because his shirt fits him and is comfortable but also, he has it tucked in with a belt. Accessories are a great way to dress up a casual look. His belt matches his sneakers and love how the colors are black. Adding accessories like his watch and belt dress up the look and are personal preference. A lot of men are wearing watches or bracelets today. It’s up to them what they pick and wear. It can be from their favorite brand or techy like an apple watch or a special gift from someone. I encourage all my clients to accessorize to bring personal style to an outfit. The next model, Bryan, is wearing a great casual look. Love his Travis Mathew polo especially because it fits his frame so well. Simple alterations can take an outfit from looking sloppy to polished. If clothes are too big or loose, you will look sloppy in them. Simple alterations will help clean up your look. I help so many clients with alterations. Bryan’s pants are athletic and have some stretch in them. These are a great casual and comfy look, but he looks polished because they fit him so nicely. I like how they are dark blue. Darker colors are dressier and an easy way to make a casual outfit more polished.

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