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Perfect Summer Casual Sport Coat


Summer is in full swing here in Phoenix.  The temps are rising and deciding how to dress up but still be casual and cool can be a challenge.  I recently helped a great client pick a sport coat to go with his summer favorite casual pieces.

My client travels a lot and attends meeting and events where he needs to look polished and presentable.  Sometimes that means he needs to wear a sport coat.  Wearing a suit is too formal for the events but a jacket is perfect.  My client wears a lot of Vuori pants.  They fit him like a glove and he loves how easy they are to travel in.  Lululemon has their version of this pant.  Greyson Clothiers and G/fore do as well.  Many brands have this casual pant and every man has their favorite.  You all know what I’m referring to.  

He brought the pants in for me tailor and wanted a sport coat to pair with it.  We picked this 100% wool soft basket wear fabric from Scabal.  I absolutely love it.  I’ve made this fabric for many clients and know it will perform well and pair great with the casual pants.  The reason this fabric is great is because it doesn’t shine and isn’t too dressy.  Since the pants are casual the jacket fabric needs to be textured and not formal.  Shine = formal.  Also, the lighter and more pastel color will go nicely with all his pants.  He did not want a patterned jacket but a solid coat he can wear with everything.   


For the design of the jacket, I’m not lining the jacket and doing a completely unlined sport coat. Lining is the poly, silk or acetate shiny fabric on the inside of jackets that protect and finish the inside.   The wool soft texture basketweave fabric the jacket is being made in has body and will perform well if it isn’t lined.  If the fabric was thin or super luxurious (like fine cashmere or silk), then I would line the coat.  I made sure we didn’t pick that fabric for this coat so we could not line it.   Stay tuned for the finished product but here are other photos of unlined jackets I have made:


If you need a sport coat to wear this summer, pick a textured fabric in a pastel or light color and don’t like the jacket.  I am happy to help make one for you.  Let’s schedule an appointment and make a jacket that will keep you cool and comfortable but keep you looking polished and professional. 

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