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Packing 101: Pack, Stack & Roll


Vacation mode has switched ON for most of us, and man are we ready for it. Men, unlike women often feel “less is more” and therefore wait until the last-minute to toss a few items they’ve deemed essential into a carry on. Upon arrival, they’re shocked to find that they did in fact need more than one sock, a toothbrush and a wrinkled T-shirt.

To make life easy, I’ve compiled some of my best travel tips and packing how-to’s:

  1. Packing a suit, for most people is a lot like folding a fitted sheet… impossible. Here’s a fool-proof, 6 step process from Business Insider. Insider tip: bring a travel steamer in case of any wrinkle emergencies (see the one I love below.)

If you’re more of a “visual learner” check out this Condé Nast Traveler video.

  1. Bring interchangeable pieces. Be prepared, start by checking the weather and understanding your vacay agenda. Is it nippy at night? Are you hiking an enormous mountain? Once you nail down those details select pieces that can serve multiple purposes. Do the shoes your bringing go with jeans and a nice pair of slacks? Utilize your suit jacket and pants as separates, for “new” outfits.
  2. Roll it DON’T fold it. Aside from your suits and other delicate items, go for the tuck and roll. Rolling T-shirts, swim trunks, gym clothes and underwear is an immense space saver.
  1. Go for “grouping.” Make life easy by “grouping” the pieces you want to pair together. Neatly rolling the boxers, t-shirt and shorts you plan to wear, together makes for easy access.
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  2. Stacking order. Line the bottom of your suitcase with shoes and your most durable pieces, think jeans, sweatshirts etc. If your tight on space fill your shoes with socks, ties and belts. Use your underwear to fill in gaps or create cushion for fragile items. Try to place your larger items like your suit or dopp kit at the top.

Here are a few travel accessories I am loving right now:


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