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New Products & Services I Offer You May Not know About!


I wanted to share some great new products I’m selling and services I offer in hopes you will benefit from it as so many of my customers have.  I really make a conscious effort to really listen to you and your wardrobe needs/issues. Many of you have asked for jeans and casual looks.  I am now carrying Fidelity jeansTravisMathew and Greyson Clothiers golf looks as well as cotton casual slacks from Ballin. Others ask about a good t-shirt.  I’m in the process of designing/sourcing my own – so stay tuned!!

Here are some new products and services I offer that many of you have requested


I’m now carrying 4 belts in my shop.  All courtesy of Cuarter (aka TravisMathew).

All available instore or online.  Don’t forget when you buy a belt, you usually buy a pant size up so the tail can be threaded through your belt loop.  Tell your friends and coworkers who may need help keeping their pants up.  We don’t need any plumber cracks happening.


I’ve carried socks for over a year now and they have been a hit.  The original brand stopped making their hosiery (I still have a handful left) and now I’m carrying Cuater by TravisMathew.  I have their no-shows, ankle and regular socks.  A variety of colors and patterns are available in my shop. I have some on my online shop but since I sell through them so quickly, I don’t post too many of the fashion ones.  If you are in a pinch, come by and grab a pair.  It’s always good to keep a couple pairs at the office or in your golf bag.  I have a client who is a size 14 shoe and he loves these socks.  They do fit larger feet.

Irons & Sewing Machines – for a quick press or seam repair

Now that things are opening up and many of you are meeting with clients, drinks with friends or a hot date after work, I want you looking polished and pressed.  Anytime you need your shirt pressed, button sewn on or seam repaired.  Please, bring it on over to my shop. I have irons and sewing machines to help you looking polished and put back together. I want you looking and feeling your best for an important presentation, dinner out or meeting with clients.  Feel free to share my services with coworkers, friends or clients who are in a pinch.  Many of you live far away and may not have time to jet home and get back to your appointment.  I’m here to help.

Short Sleeve Shirts – Custom made and designed by yours truly

Men like options in their wardrobe and it’s nice to wear something other than a polo shirt.  You look professional and polished yet still casual.  I designed some short sleeve shirts and have a handful left in my shop.  I am designing more (as you read this) and stay tuned for the new assortment.  I can also custom make you short sleeve shirts.  Custom shirts aren’t only made to be worn with suits or jackets.  I can (and enjoy) making more casual looks especially ones with short sleeves.


I help so many clients embroider their company logo on polos, masks, jackets, hats, etc.  It’s a great way to brand yourself but still look polished.  I can help with colors, designs, and where to put the embroidery.  You can bring in the items you would like embroidered; they do not have to be purchased at my shop.  I also can order TravisMathew polos or pieces without their logo on the chest and you can put your logo there.   Here are some of the details:

– I do not have minimums

– I need you to email me your artwork

– there is a setup fee that starts at $15 and goes up depending on the embroidery

– It takes 10-14 days to complete the embroidery

Videos of Products on my Online Shop

I’m uploading videos of all my products I sell on my online store.  It’s a great way for you to see what the polo or pant you are purchasing actually looks like.  Sometimes what you order doesn’t look like the photo.  I also try to explain about the fit, quality, etc.  Hope this helps you shop easier!! I’m always here if you have questions.

Hope one or more of my services and products helps you!

Call or email with questions or inquiries on wardrobe services you need and I may be able to help!

Mary Zarob


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