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New Arrivals From Greyson Clothiers


Excited to share with you the new fall collection by Greyson Part 1. The collection is all about purples and cranberries. This cranberry Montauk trouser is the mood board for the entire collection, it really comes to light the other pieces. Cranberry is a great color for menswear, in the last couple of years cranberry and green have dominated the market. Greyson is more of an active golf brand meaning versatility and color. They come out with fun, bright, edgy, adaptable clothing for on and off the course. Throughout the collection you will see how the cranberry color creeps its way into almost every piece.

Greyson does awesome all over prints, like these micro dotted polos. This Starling polo is a popular pattern, every year they come out with a version of this polo whether it be blue, green, purple etc. it’s a hit in my store and sells out instantly. I’m excited about these purples but the collar is a detail you can’t miss. The jacquard knit collar elevates the whole polo and makes it unique and form fitting.

For spring Greyson came out with a polo called Brook trout and this is its brother polo Pacific Trout. The main difference besides the color obviously is the collar. Brook trout has a jacquard collar whilst Pacific Trout has a button-down collar. Pacific Trout in Honeycreeper is super wearable, royal and overall, a great shade of purple. Its twin is Pacific Trout in Rose is a statement piece on and off the course. It’s a great way to inspire your coworkers to also get out of their comfort zones and try new things.

Next, we have all my fun, big, loud prints. I picked out a select few on all over prints that I thought were going to be an absolute hit in my shop. This Sticks, Stones and Feathers polo is a hitter; I love the teal it reminds me of the southwest or maybe a little tribal print. I love the details Greyson puts in their pieces; this one has wolf heads hidden within the print.

Floral is usually seen in Europe around the springtime, and I love how Greyson incorporated floral in their fall collection. It’s a micro floral pattern so from far away it probably looks solid, I ensure you its floral. If you wear this, its guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face. Again, Greyson does a jacquard collar well, but they stepped it up just a notch with matching banded sleeves. Speaking of florals, I have City of Roses in two colors, a cranberry and a teal/blue color. You can match this with a black jean or pant to not stand out as much. Lastly this stunning polo, this is for the guy who is edgy and wants to be the main attraction. It’s truly a head turner, Greyson comes out with these loud prints, and I don’t know who thinks of them but props to them.

Don’t expect me to say this style name right because what matter is the hoodie not the name. If you’ve every worn the Tate ¼ zip you know it’s a heavier garment whereas the Cakoto Hoodie is ½ that. Its silk and lightweight while still being comfortable as well as warm. It has a camo perforated inside hoodie to ensure your head stays cool.

Lastly, the classic Montauk Trouser but in Scareb, an unconventional color often mistaken for light grey. The Montauk short is just as show stopping especially in this Juniper color, it’s on the darker side of teal and is a statement piece of its own. Finally, the tried-and-true Montauk Jogger in the color Eel. Its more on the grey side, this jogger is a huge hit in my store, its trendy and sport for my guys that want a versatile piece on and off the course. Be on the lookout for part 2 because I’m getting exciting stuff soon.

Get all these looks in my Phoenix shop or on my online store.

Any questions about Greyson fit or color, don’t be shy.  I’m happy to help.

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