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Designing Women | MR Magazine Feature


In support of Women’s History Month, MR Magazine partnered with Gladson New York and Huddersfield Fine Worsteds to feature female tailors, designers, and custom clothiers from around the world.  They picked me to be interviewed! Can you believe it?! I was honored to be one of the women especially when they also interviewed Kathryn Sargent, Antonia Ede, Lalage Beaumont and Shao Yang.  These are ladies I look up to and admire their work from afar.  I am thrilled to share my interview and be featured.

Enjoy the interview:

What brought you to tailoring/custom clothing?
I studied menswear and tailoring at FIT and fell in love with it. I enjoyed learning from professors who were master tailors.

How would you describe your business?
I dress my clients for the moments that matter most, based on their needs and how they want to present themselves – from custom suits and shirts to casual golf attire and jeans.

What is the makeup of your clientele?
Professionals in all industries (age 28 and up) and their families.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Seeing my clients smile and hearing them share the compliments they get when wearing the clothes I make for them. Nothing tops that!

What are the key stressors?
Time management. I juggle a lot, from clients to inventory management to vendors.

What distinguishes your business from the competition?
My honesty and taste level. I help my clients build wardrobes they are excited to wear. If I don’t think something will look right, I tell them. I encourage them to buy pieces that push them a little bit out of their comfort zone. If they are looking for something t I don’t have, I advise them on where to shop. I want my clients to love their clothes. That’s more important than selling something from my shop.

Now that we have entered a post-pandemic phase of Covid, have you needed to change your fashion models and/or your styling?
My shop and clientele are in Arizona, where men and women dressed casually even before Covid. I’ve always carried casual pieces and made casual garments for my clients. My mill partners have supplied me with casual fabrics for a while. Covid helped me acquire more clients who want unique casual clothes and can’t find them at department stores.

What type of training or schooling was required for you to become a tailor and/or a custom clothier?
Anyone wanting to get into the industry should attend school but also find a great mentor/tailor. I learned more on the job from my mentors than you can learn in a classroom. Read mine and others interviews at MR-Mag.com.

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