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Mizzen + Main Shirts


Mizzen + Main shirts are known for their high-quality performance fabric, which is designed to keep the wearer cool and comfortable in hot and humid conditions. Here are some specific reasons why Mizzen + Main shirts are great for Phoenix heat:

1 Moisture-wicking: Mizzen + Main shirts are made with a unique blend of synthetic fibers, such as polyester and spandex, which are highly effective at wicking moisture away from the skin. This helps to keep the wearer dry and comfortable, even in high humidity.

2 Quick-drying: The synthetic fibers used in Mizzen + Main shirts also dry much faster than natural fibers like cotton. This means that if you do start to sweat, the moisture will quickly evaporate, leaving you feeling cool and dry.

3 Breathable: Mizzen + Main shirts are designed with a lightweight, breathable fabric that allows air to circulate freely around the body. This helps to keep you cool and comfortable, even in the hottest temperatures.

4 Wrinkle-resistant: The performance fabric used in Mizzen + Main shirts is also highly wrinkle-resistant, which means you can look sharp and put-together even on the hottest, most humid days.

Overall, Mizzen + Main shirts are a great choice for Phoenix heat because they are specifically designed to help you stay cool, dry, and comfortable in hot and humid conditions. Additionally, they are stylish and well-made, which is why your male clients love them!  My clients wear them all year but especially in the summer when it’s very warm.  It’s like wearing a golf shirt but as a button front shirt.  

The brand did a great job designing the collar especially because it’s a polyester shirt.  My clients know the collar is the most important aspect of a men’s shirt because it frames their face.  I am a BIG fan of Mizzen + Main’s shirts because the collar looks so good and lay very nicely.  Some shirts have a spread collar or point collar. Because it’s a poly shirt and they can’t use very stiff fusing, I tell my clients to use good metal or thicker collar stays to help keep the collar point in place.  Some of the shirts have a hidden button-down collar.  I wish all their collared shirts were hidden button down because it lays very nicely.  

I received a bunch of new patterns this spring.  Some are long sleeve and others short sleeve.  Here are some of my favorites:

If you are new to Mizzen + Main, here are some of their core colors and styles to give a try.  I carry mostly leeward trim fit shirts.  I do have a couple talls and a couple classic fits in my shop.  I don’t put these online but carry in the shop and special order.  

If you are looking for a shirt and I don’t have the size or fit, email or call me.  I am happy to special order the shirt for you. 

This fall, they are introducing an oxford like shirt.  I saw it at the shows this past February and it looks and feels awesome.  If you are a big fan of Mizzen + Main, get excited about this new oxford like shirt. You will want it in every color.  

Get all these and more at my online shop QContraryShop.com

Or in my Phoenix shop:

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