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Men’s Suits - Scabal Off The Rack


Men’s Suits: Professional To Special Occasions

A great suit is the key to confidence and making a lasting impression. The right suit can exude style, professionalism, and elegance for various occasions. A well-fitted suit is guaranteed to boost your confidence and will serve you for years of your life. Whether you have a collection of suits or looking to buy one for the first time, continue reading on to discover the importance of having a great suit in your wardrobe. We also have an exceptional off-the-rack suit available to order for your suiting needs, highlighted at the end of this article.

Who Needs A Suit? 

Suits are appropriate for various formal occasions, from special events to daily wear in a professional setting. Many business professionals need a good suit, whether they wear a suit to the office everyday or have one ready for client meetings and presentations. Outside of a professional setting, every man should have a polished suit ready for more formal events, such as weddings or galas. Having at least one nice suit in your wardrobe guarantees you’ll be ready for any occasion.  

What Makes A Great Suit?

1. The Quality 

An exceptional suit will be high quality, from the fabrication to the finishing. A suit made of the proper fabrication will complement the design of the suit and flatter the wearer. Ideal fabrications include wool, cotton, tweed, linen, and beyond. Wool fabrics are one of the most versatile options. Wool is a natural fiber, and this fabrication is durable and perfect for tailoring. Wool is also breathable and suitable for various seasons and weather. 

2. The Design

The overall design of a nice suit should be stylish, professional, and elevated. A suit consists of a jacket (or sport coat) and trousers made in matching fabrication. Suit jackets have various design elements, such as the type of lapel, number of buttons, pockets, vents, and stitching. These design components meld together to create various styles of suits, from classic to modern styles. Designer suits may feature more unique designs, while business suits are typically more traditional and more conservative in design and color.

3. The Tailoring 

A suit should be properly tailored and well-fitted. It should complement the wearer’s body shape and not appear too tight or too loose. The fit should also be comfortable enough to be worn all day, which is especially important for long events or meetings. Many men may opt for a custom-made suit to perfectly fit one’s measurements. However, if you find a nice suit off-the-rack but it’s not perfect for your build, seeking alterations is worth the investment. Professional tailoring can take your suit to the next level, making it look like a luxurious bespoke suit.

How To Style A Suit?

The first step in styling your suit is to choose the shirt. The traditional choice is to opt for a button-up dress shirt. White is the most versatile option, as well as light blue or other neutral shades within the color palette of your outfit. Button-ups with a subtle pattern, such as a micro print, can be a more unique option to pair with your suit. Ensure the shirt is well pressed and fitted for a sleek look.

In addition to the shirt, there are countless suit accessories to elevate your look and showcase your personal style. These accessories include ties, tie pins, pocket squares, cufflinks, and belts. The color palette of the suit, shirt, and accessories should all coordinate. For example, you can opt for a neutral color palette or monochrome color palette—experiment with different color combinations to see what suits your personal style and the event for which you’re dressing. 

New Suit Offering At Q. Contrary

If you’re in a pinch and need a new suit quickly, ordering a suit off-the-rack is your best bet. At Q. Contrary, we offer a Gray and Dark Blue suit, which are available to order and will arrive in the shop within just a couple of days. With these ready-to-wear suits, you can also consider wearing the jacket and pants as separates, allowing for various outfits and styling options across occasions.

We have two exceptional ready-to-wear suit options in Gray or Dark Blue Scabal fabric. Scabal is a leading cloth house for high-quality menswear fabrications. The Scabal Super 100’s wool fabrication is the perfect choice for tailored suits, trousers, and jackets. This wool fabric is wearable and comfortable for yearlong wear, and it is easy to care for.

If you are interested in ordering a suit or have any questions, visit the Q. Contrary shop in Phoenix or send us a message. Whether you’re dressing for your profession or a big special occasion, we look forward to helping you find the next perfect suit for your personal style and lifestyle.

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