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Men’s Jeans For Every Build


If you find yourself wearing the same pair of jeans every day, or have only one go-to pair of denim, it’s time for a denim refresh in your wardrobe. Denim jeans are classic, timeless, and the must-have pant for all seasons. They are flattering on every build, and the key to finding the best pair for you is to determine your favorite fit. Jeans are designed across various “fits” to suit different body types and preferences. Choosing the right fit for your physique will guarantee that you are looking and feeling your best in your denim. Continue reading on to discover the key denim fits to have in your wardrobe for this season and years to come. 

The Skinny Fit

Skinny jeans are the slimmest and tightest denim fit. They are narrow through the legs and taper at the ankles to create an ultra-trim silhouette, clinging close to the leg. Choosing the right size in a skinny fit is important, because they should be fitted but not overly tight.

If you are looking for an amazing pair of skinny jeans, I recommend the Torino by Fidelity. These are sleek, must-have skinny jeans for a modern and cool look. You can style them with anything–throw on your favorite sweater, sneakers, and accessories, and you’ll look effortlessly cool for a day in the city. They also have a slight stretch, making them ideal for comfort and flexibility. 

The Slim Fit

A slim fit jean is exactly what it sounds like: these jeans have a narrow, fitted silhouette, but are not as tight as skinny jeans. Slim fit jeans can make you look fashionable and polished thanks to their tailored appearance. The slim fit is a classic option that can be dressed up or dressed down.

A great pair of slim fit jeans is the Jimmy by Fidelity. These pants are fitted, but not too skinny. They will instantly trim your silhouette and can be styled for countless occasions: the office, dinner, an event, and beyond. Dress up your slim jeans with a sport coat and a button-up, or go more casual with a polo or pullover. 

The Classic Straight 

Straight fit jeans are roomier and have a straight silhouette from the thighs to the ankles. A pair of straight cut jeans are classic and timeless, and it’s the perfect silhouette for any body type. This is also a comfortable fit and the right option for men who prefer looser jeans without appearing oversized.

50-11 by Fidelity

For the classic straight fit, I recommend the 50-11 by Fidelity. These are roomier than the other fits, and they are great if you have a larger waist or thighs. Also, if you are a guy who loves boots, these jeans will accommodate and perfectly fit over your favorite pair (including the many cowboy boots here in Arizona!) In addition to boots, a classic straight jean is versatile and can be styled with any outfit. You can wear them with a blazer, simple T-shirt, or even a matching denim jacket depending on your style.

Ultimately, the fit you choose depends on how you feel when you try them on. When choosing your size, remember to check your measurements. Jeans tend to follow vanity sizing, meaning you may be a size 34 in dress pants but 32 in jeans. Additionally, jeans can stretch a bit as you wear them, so sizing down can help keep them snug and hugging your waist.

My recommendations from Fidelity Denim also have slight stretch, allowing a great fit while being easy to move in all day long. They are made of lightweight denim, not heavy raw denim, so you can wear them across seasons and feel totally comfortable in your jeans.

As you’re deciding on your next pair of jeans, consider giving Fidelity Denim a try. Whether you like skinny jeans or a straight fit, they cater to every build with their various styles, and you are guaranteed to find an amazing pair of Fidelity jeans that you love. 

As always, you can reach out directly if you need help deciding on the best fit for you. If you’re in Arizona, you can stop by my shop, and I am always happy to help with your measurements and styling needs.


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