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Men with Style: Todd Taylor


My style series continues and today I’m featuring Todd Taylor of Wood Partners.  Todd has great style and always looks his best.  I really like his suggestions and advice (especially the last question).  He shares some great brands to wear when it’s warm out and how important it is to make the right first impression.  Enjoy!

1. Tell me about yourself and what do you develop?

Todd – I develop and build mostly apartment buildings.  My latest project in Phoenix is the Alta Marlette building in Central Phoenix.

2. Can you talk about your current style and how you dress for clients and/or meetings?

Todd – I’m more of a situational dresser.  If I am not meeting clients, I tend to wear slacks and a polo or jeans and a polo.  If I’m meeting with a client/capital investor, I always wear dress slacks and a nice patterned sport coat. I rarely wear suits or ties anymore and prefer a nice jacket with great fit and details.  Shoes will make or break an outfit and always wear a great pair of shoes with every outfit.

3. Do you have a work uniform? Do you tend to buy/wear the same color suits, jackets, shirts, etc?  or no?

Todd – No, I don’t.  I dress more casually these days with slacks/jeans and a polo.  I’m really loving the State & Liberty polos and Mizzen & Main polos because they keep you cool and you don’t sweat.  They also don’t wrinkle, and you don’t look sloppy at the end of the day.

4. What advice do you have for anyone getting into real estate in regard to their wardrobe.  

Todd – The ability to dress yourself and look good is really important for your credibility and to be taken seriously.  How you dress really reflects how you think of yourself.  Being well dressed is great but being appropriately dressed for situations is more important and will give you a leg up.  Instead of not dressing well for meetings, events, clients, etc, you are digging a hole and it will be hard to change people’s minds.  People notice how you dress and it’s important to take it seriously and dress well.

5. What are 5 thing every man in your industry should have in his wardrobe?

Todd –   1.  A great blue sport coat.

  1.  Shoes that you overpaid for.
  2.  Nice dress watch
  3.  White polo shirt for 108-degree golf game and try not to get it dirty.
  4.  A nice heavy wool coat – neutral color – for the 2 cold days you need it. 

6. Do you ever dress casual and if so, for what occasions? What are some casual looks you like to wear?

Todd – I always wear a nice polo with Paige Jeans or Fidelity Jeans.  They have great fit and feel.  I prefer no socks or the no show sock look.  I’m over the bright crazy sock trend.  I prefer the no sock look.

7. How do you dress differently when the temperature gets so warm here in Phoenix? Do you keep an extra shirt at the office if you sweat?

Todd – I always wear polos and especially performance polos.  I prefer the ones with tech, stretch and breathable features.  These are great because you don’t sweat, and they don’t wrinkle.  I’m really loving the State & Liberty polos and Mizzen & Main polos

8. Any advice or style tips you would like to share?

 Todd – Imitation is flattery and it’s ok to steal looks from friends, coworkers, magazines, etc, especially if it appeals to you and you are comfortable with it.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and hire a professional.   In my business, I hire attorneys, engineers, architects, construction guys, etc and ask for help in business.  It’s ok to do the same for your style.  Be open minded.  I also encourage avoiding these 3 faux pas:

  1. Poor Tailoring – Don’t wear clothes that don’t fit your build.  Find a good tailor and alter your clothing to fit you.  Don’t just buy off the rack because it might not fit and look right.  Spend the time to get it tailored to fit you.
  2.  Bad Color Combos – Just because people on TV wear black shirts under black sport coats doesn’t mean you should.  You are not the Godfather.  Head to toe in one color doesn’t always work especially the khaki color.  This isn’t a good look for anyone.
  3.  Bad Pattern Choices – Take the time to find the right pattern and learn how to put patterns together.  Some guys just don’t get it.  Don’t just mix patterns but ask for help or hire someone to put looks together.

Dressing well helps with your credibility.  People notice if you put the effort in and always best if you dress well but don’t look like you tried too hard.


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