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Making Your Wardrobe Great Again


It’s 2017! This means a new year and a new President. No matter your political position, let’s put politics to the side and focus on ourselves.  We are embarking on a new year and it’s important we ask ourselves….How do I want to look?

Let’s start by shopping your closet. Take an hour and go thru what is hanging in your wardrobe.  Many times there are great pieces in your closet that have been forgotten about.  If you have something that doesn’t fit but love, get it tailored.  No need to get rid of a nice pair of slacks when a simple alteration with do the trick .  If you find clothes in your closet that haven’t been worn in over a year, maybe it’s time to donate them and make room for something you will wear.  If a shirt is missing a button, go to a tailor and have it replaced.  If something has a hole and still wearable, get it mended.  Get your shoes shined and resoled (if you don’t do on a regular basis).

After you have edited your closet, make note of what you have, what you wear the most, and what you need.  I know this can be overwhelming.  Let’s take it one step at time.

American flag pin

American flag

Navy suit with red and navy striped tie

Custom navy suit with tie

Custom dress shirt

Custom dress shirt


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