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Make Your Clothes Fit You!

Spring has arrived and summer is right around the corner.  As we pack our “winter clothes” away and bring out our spring/summer clothes, take the time to try everything on and see what fits and what doesn’t.     Some clothes may need to be cleaned because they have a musty smell. Some may need to be tailored – made bigger or smaller. Some may need to be recut or tailored to look more modern/current.  I highly recommend not tossing your ill-fitting clothing because it doesn’t fit how you like. I recommend getting your clothes tailored.

There are many adjustments you can do to your clothes to get them to fit better and look more current. If the waist is too big, get it taken in.  If the pant leg is too wide, get them tapered. If a skirt length is too long, shorten it. If your shirt is too full and baggy in the stomach, get the sides taken in and trimmed up.  

Simple alterations can make a garment much more comfortable to wear.  I always recommend clients to shop their closet before heading to the store.  You have spent a lot of money and time building your wardrobe. Before you donate everything to Goodwill, bring your clothes to me to have tailored.  If there are way too many to carry, I’m happy to schedule an appointment at your home to help go through your closet.  I’ll give you my honest opinion if it can be altered and fit better.

Here is a list of common alterations:

Suits & Jackets

  • -Sides in or out (Of Jacket)
  • -Shorten or lengthen sleeves
  • -Lower collar
  • -Shorten length of Jacket
  • -Taper Jacket Sleeves

Skirts or Dresses

  • -Shorten or lengthen 
  • -Shorten Straps
  • -Make skirt less full
  • -Chest in
  • -Waist in
  • -Hooks n Snaps
  • -Sew bra cups in


  • -Sides in
  • -Darts
  • -Shorten Sleeves
  • -Replace collar
  • -Lower Collar
  • -Shorten body length
  • -Sew buttons
  • -Replace Buttons
  • -Patch holes


  • -Waist in or out
  • -Hems longer or shorter
  • -Taper or trim legs
  • -Seat or Crotch in
  • -Replace Zipper
  • -Resew Hem


  • -Hem
  • -Original Hem
  • -Taper leg
  • -Waist in
  • -Darts
  • -New Zipper
  • -Patch holes

Other Repairs

  • -Repair/replace zipper
  • -Patch holes
  • -Replace buttons
  • -Resew hems

I am happy to tailor garments purchased at Q. Contrary or from other stores.  I usually ask for 1 week for alterations to be completed but maybe able turn around faster if needed.  

If you have a handful of slacks you want tapered, I’m happy to start with 1 and make sure you are happy with the new look and fit before I tailor every pair.  I have learned when clients aren’t used to wearing trimmer or proper fitting clothing and it can take some time to get used to. I recommend not adjusting everything to be slimmer but only a couple of garments.  Wear them for a week or so and then you can tailor the rest.

Stop by to see Mary at Q. Contrary to have your clothes tailored or repaired.  

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