Get Inspired – The 2019 Espy Awards

Some of the biggest names in sports came out Wednesday evening to the Espy Awards in Los Angeles to celebrate their many achievements.  These athletes brought their A game attire and everyone needs to take note.  Men and women today should look to athletes for their style, clothing and accessories.  Back in the 80’s and 90’s, men and women would look to fashion magazines and celebrities on how to dress and what to wear.  That’s still true today but I would encourage men and women to look to athletes on how to pull a look together and what to wear.  Everyone on Wednesday was tailored and their suits, jacket and slacks fit like a glove. These details don’t go unnoticed. Athletes have a harder time shopping at the department store because they are usually much taller, muscular and not the “standard” fit size.  They work hard on their bodies and figures, that finding clothes off the rack isn’t easy. I give a special shout out to their tailors and stylists who helps dress athletes because they look impeccable.  

What I really liked about what the men and women wore to the Espy Awards is that they put their own spin on their look. 

Dwyane Wade wore a cream Louis Vuitton suit with the satin trim, and he paired it with sneakers.  The whole look was polished and edgy just like him.

Von Miller’s short suit in that great pink design and he paired with white sneakers.  I like how the jacket and shorts were the focus and the sneakers were white and simple.  He could have picked loud shoes, but the white ones were perfect. Pulling off a look is all about the details.

Russell Wilson and Ciara – love how they both wore head to toe black and both had satin trim on their clothing.  They are such a gorgeous couple and they never look unsightly. The color and trim details bring their look together and they are photographed beautifully! You don’t want to stop staring. They look amazing.  A lot of couples want to match or coordinate when they go to a formal event. Take note of this power couple and their style.

Another favorite of mine is Dwight Howard.  Love his pink suit and shirt. I have been talking about monochromatic dressing and he is sporting this look so well.  Monochromatic dressing when you wear head to toe shades of one color. He could have worn a white shirt or black shirt but that would have made the look more business, rough or 90’s like.  When you wear a fashion color in a suit, you really need to make that the focus and everything else secondary. Love that he wore a lt pink shirt with his suit and no tie. It doesn’t distract you from his well-tailored suit and his smiling face.  If he wore a different color shirt, it would have been too much for your eye. When you wear a jacket or suit that is bright or bold, make sure everything else is muted and basic.

Here are some more of my favorite looks from Wednesday. Next time you watch a match or ball game, take note of what the athletes wear to and from the game.  Also, take note of the announcers. Men and women in the sports aren’t afraid of bold patterns, accessories and styles. Often, it’s very subtle details, colors or patterns but these are looks everyone can pull off.