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I Can Wear White Right?


“White” is a cult closet classic, and always will be. Most white garb is timeless, staple pieces like t-shirts, button downs, sock are typically crafted out of white material. In general, wearing white is a formal invitation for outfit death by stain.  To pursue the promise of stains we celebrate Labor Day, a day filled with richly colored condiments, Coke and assortments of grilled meat by sporting white.

Strict style dictation has long been in place in regards to white after Labor Day. But these days, fashion rules are constantly changing, take for example; welcoming sneakers as office attire. The nostalgic taboo that is wearing white after Labor Day, is now greeted with open arms by the fashion world. Please note, there are right and wrong ways to incorporate this color into your wardrobe. I hope it goes without being said, please avoid becoming the third stepbrother to Will Ferrell and John C. Riley.


Here’s a brief rundown of the ‘Right Whites’ to wear after summer is long gone.

  1. White Jeans
    • White jeans are an easy way to incorporate the iconic summer color into your fall/winter wardrobe. All you need to do… is pair these with season-appropriate colors and textures (navy, chocolate browns, blacks) chunky knits, bulky outerwear, you get the picture. Try Levi’s 501’s or 511’s to achieve this look.
  2. White Sweaters
    • Opt for white or off white knit sweaters, don’t go overboard with the chunky factor, keep it tasteful, flattering and comfortable. Not everyone is into the chunky knit vibe, so perhaps try this sweater hoodie combo.
  3. White Sneakers
    • Toss the boat shoes aside and go for sneakers. You want your shoes to say “off duty cool” not “middle aged history teacher.” Avoid falling into the ‘dad shoes’ fad, enter Steve Carrell and go for simple styles like Converse or Common Projects Achilles. 
  4. White Jackets


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