Tuesday August 13th I did a segment for “Your Life Arizona” on 3TV.  It was all about denim and helping men find the right fit for their frame.   I’m really enjoying these segments and am so grateful to my models for helping me out.  Click on the link or read below what we discussed. Hope it helps you find a great pair of jeans for your build, style and budget.  If you still have questions, come by my shop or email me.  I’m happy to help!

What’s the biggest problem you see when it comes to fitting jeans?

It’s usually the waist or thighs, and if you have to choose one, I suggest the thighs because you can always take the waist in. To find great fitting garments, you may have to compromise with some alterations. Things off of the rack won’t always fit correctly.

Our first model is Tom and he is wearing 7 for All Mankind. 7’s are great for a guy with some thighs and a waist. Tom is over 6’4″ and he, like most men, wants to be comfortable. This jean is great because it’s dark, modern, dressy, clean and comfortable.

What is something guys should look for when buying jeans? 

How they feel, if you’re wearing them all day long in Arizona where it’s hot you want light weight denim. They fit well too and if we need to change anything, we can hem them up, even taper them so he can wear them with different types of shoes.

Next we have Sean, he’s wearing Rag & Bone denim, which is more high fashion, and I like how he has them paired with these sneakers. All the kids these days are pairing high end denim with cool casual sneakers. His denim is pegged at the bottom, he likes them a bit longer, but again, well fitting, stylish, and cool.

Next we have Dan and he is wearing Scotch & Soda, another super cool high-end fashion brand. I love the grey color, and he’s a bit trimmer, so he’s wearing a shorter slimmer look with a boot to the ankle. Most denim off the rack can be tapered to compliment a slimmer look, so come visit me if you would like to taper or hem your jeans like this, I’d be happy to help.

Here’s Abel, he’s wearing Express Jeans. You don’t have to go super high-end (i.e. H&M, Zara, etc) all have good looks at a great price, he’s able to show off his Burberry shoes and still look cool and comfortable.

And this is Chris, he works as a personal trainer, so he has some good size muscular thighs. He’s wearing a brand I sell in my store called Fidelity Denim and they have many different styles and washes to choose from. I love this brand and so do my clients. The quality is super lightweight, and they can be dressy with a little bit of stretch. Don’t be afraid of stretch denim, it’ll provide you much more comfortability.

What are some of your recommendations on where to buy jeans?

Most department stores, Nordstrom Rack, Macy’s and of course my store, Q. Contrary. Think about where your budget is, and the fit you’re going for. It’s going to take some work and trial and error but once you find the jean that fits the best, just stay true to it.

How can you make jeans fit into a more business or professional look?

If you want to go more business, then go darker. The darker, classier look goes well with a blazer or just a button-down shirt. Lighter is more fashionable and casual.

Thank you to Brandon and 3TV for this opportunity.

Need help with what denim to wear, stop by Q. Contrary at 3188 East Indian School Road in Phoenix to try on some fits that work for your body and lifestyle.