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It’s that time of year when the holiday season is in full swing.  In addition to shopping, cooking, and getting ready for the big day, there’s an array of get-togethers on the immediate horizon.  Most require smart casual dress, but there are always a few special ones that require a dressier look and sometimes even formal wear.  Let’s start with dressier looks since these occasions are certainly more prevalent than black tie events.

In an age of ever more casual dressing where business clothing is more relaxed and the line between work and play is blurred, you might say that formal attire is becoming irrelevant.  Yes, dressing down is the direction of men’s clothing today, but only up to a point.  There are still occasions — weddings, job interviews, charitable events, certain business dinners, New Year’s Eve – where dressier, more formal attire is often required.

What first comes to mind are those annual holiday “command performance” parties that your boss (generally the company owner, president or division head, etc.) holds every year at his or her club, a private room in an upscale restaurant, or at his or her home.  Suits are an unspoken requirement, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear your typical business suit or sacrifice comfort.

Consider Custom:  Double Breasted or Single Breasted, No Problem

Why not consider blue stripes like the one we can custom make at Q. Contrary? It has a double-breasted jacket with contrasting-colored buttons.  Pair it with a classic white shirt and contrasting silk tie for a sophisticated look.

Another option would be a tailor-made dark gray pinstripe, a timeless classic.  Pair it with a blue shirt and a burgundy silk tie.  With both options, you’ll fit in, look elegant and be comfortable because the suit was made just for you.

If your preference is blue, but not stripes or a double-breasted jacket, consider a dark navy suit custom made from a beautiful jacquard fabric that has micro patterns.  Pair it with a burgundy shirt and navy tie for a stylish, self-assured look.  You’ll feel comfortable and confident as well as being dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Formal Dressing Doesn’t Always Mean A Suit

Men are finally becoming aware of what women have known for generations:  separates are still sophisticated and smart, and they can help you maximize your wardrobe.  For example, the navy jacquard jacket mentioned above could be used as a separate and paired with the right complementary trousers for a very dressy look, depending on how you accessorize it.  I carry only Ballin dress pants because they make a phenomenal product that’s crafted for comfort and performance.  Their trousers have a little bit of stretch, even though they’re made from 100% wool fabrics, are anti-crease, and guaranteed for 100% shape retention.

A dressy look would call for a dress shirt and complementary tie, while for a more casual look, you might want to replace the shirt and tie with a crew neck sweater like the wool/cashmere blend cranberry crew neck sweater that I’m carrying this season.

Just remember that for formal dressing, keep it simple and avoid going overboard with extras.  That beautiful dark navy blue or grey suit is a classic.  Just accessorize it with a quality dress shirt, silk tie and good dress shoes.  Whatever you do, don’t add that Santa or Christmas tree tie.  You’ll destroy the look and detract from the clean, uncluttered silhouette you are trying to achieve.

Smart Casual Looks

A smart casual look will work for most of your holiday affairs.  An example might be a sport coat, jeans and a dress shirt.  I can custom make any style of sport coat you may like including single button, two button and three button as well as double breasted.

I carry Fidelity jeans and David Donahue dress shirts.

For a more casual retro look, consider a pair of corduroy pants.  They can be made in 4 colors and this brown option matches with neutrals, beige and light blue.

Tuxedos For Black Tie

Lastly, but certainly not least, at Q. Contrary we can custom make tuxedos for those very special events from galas to weddings.  Jackets can be designed in both single- and double- breasted versions with shawl or notched collars and lapels in satin if desired.  I recommend a dark navy blue or classic black for formal attire, as both never go out of style.

For a more daring look, jackets can be made in fancy fabrics like this striped jacket with matched velvet contrast lapel.

You might even want to consider having your tuxedo jacket made in velvet and paired with a traditional tuxedo trouser.

Q. Contrary Makes Custom Easy

For all custom clothing, we use only the finest fabrics and assist our customers from start to finish.  We feel if you want the best result, you need to start with the finest ingredients and that includes not only high-quality fabrics, but also assistance with every detail and nuance from fabric and button selection to fittings and adjustments.  We also work around your schedule with initial consultation and fittings in Q. Contrary’s shop or in-person at your home or office.

I’m Mary from Q. Contrary.  I’d like to help you with your custom clothing needs whether this is your first experience in purchasing tailor-made clothes or your 50th.  I want to help make your selection of dressy and formal wear for the holidays and beyond a little less stressful.  Visit my online store or my shop in Phoenix at 3168 East Camelback Road.  I’d be delighted to assist you in making the right clothing decisions for your lifestyle.


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