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How To Clean Your Masks


Sporting a mask is going to be around for a bit.  Many of us have purchased fabric masks and here are some tips to take care and clean your mask:

  • Because masks are so small and delicate, I encourage you to handwash your mask vs machine wash.
  • If you do machine wash your mask, you will want to put your mask(s) in a mesh bag to help protect it.  I would not wash your mask with jeans, towels or heavy articles of clothing.  It will beat up your mask because the towels and jeans are so heavy.  Wash with more small or delicate clothes.
  • Pay attention to the soap or detergent you use. Since the mask is worn on your face and over your nose and mouth, you don’t want any detergent too scented or with bleach because you will be breathing that in all day.  Also, some soaps can irritate your skin or cause breakouts/pimples. Sure, you can just wear your mask all day to cover up the blemishes but you don’t want to do that.  It will just lead to more pimples and breakouts.  Make sure you pick a soap that is gentle and doesn’t irritate your skin.
  • I use baby shampoo or Woolite. These are very delicate, gentle on skin and have a nice smell.  They don’t irritate my skin but please be cautious because your skin may get irritated when using them.  Those are just my suggestions and work for me.
  • You can also try your facewash that you use on your skin to wash your mask. If you know it won’t irritate and the smell is nice, definitely try it.
  • You do not want to put your mask in the dryer.  The dryer is really only good for towels, sheets, socks, etc.  Most masks are made with elastic and you don’t want it to melt from the dryer.  It’s best to lay the masks flat on a towel and let them air dry.  Better yet, place them in the sun to dry.

One thing to keep in mind is when you buy clothes from a store that are mass produced in a factory, the factory does wash and wear tests.  That is why there is a wash label in almost every garment you purchase.  The masks I custom make and many handmade masks do not go through wash testing.  Even if you purchase a mask from brand or larger retailer, keep in mind, they may or may not go through these wash and wear tests.  Better to be gentle and cautious when cleaning your masks.

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Stay Safe Everyone!


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