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Hard to Miss Rickie Fowler


The four days of feverish golfing in seemingly unmanageable winds, did not take a toll on Fowler’s prevailing style. Fans were captivated not only with his skills, but his wildly flamboyant outfits.

Is no color to bold for Fowler?  Fowler often sports the more trendy hat option, a flat brimmed cap paired with a multi-tonal ensemble of branded gear. Forbes claims “Fowler is nothing if not a revolutionary fashion plate, more of a lighting rod than an icon, but one whose looks tend to have the staying power to become, well, in a way, classics.”  Fowler attributes his love for orange and black to his alma mater mascot, the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Tiger Woods’ brightly colored vest doesn’t muster even a second glance when placed next to Fowler. 

For those of you thinking, “bright colors… so what?” Let’s not forget March of 2017 when Fowler showed up sporting custom shoes, a tribute he claims to Arnie Pumas. His shall we say, eclectic style has earned him the attention of many critics. Though his pizazz might not appeal to everyone, he has been credited with captivating younger generations interest in the mature sport. Along with younger golf aficionados, the PGA icon effectively revived the attractiveness of the sports associated brands. He breathes life back into brands like Puma, thus reinventing professional golf style as we know it.

What’s your take on Fowler’s style game? Are you more of a traditionalist, like Francesco Molinari? Or are you loving the authenticity and intrigue Fowler brings to the course?


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