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Great Wardrobe Basics


Today I want to talk about some great new wardrobe basics I started carrying in my store.   I’ve noticed many of my clients just want great white or blue shirts, white t-shirts, or black slacks … to wear to the office, to meetings, or to dress up a bit.  Being customer focused, I responded by stocking my store with really great basics.  Here’s why I love them, and why my clients do, too.

Mizzen + Main

The first brand I want to talk about is called Mizzen and Main.  They make a performance dress shirt that I’m currently stocking.  What I mean when I say “performance” is that it’s not a cotton fabric.  It’s a polyester fabric, and, what it does, is wick the moisture away from your skin keeping you very cool, just like good workout clothes do.  That’s especially important during Arizona’s incredibly hot summers where I’m located.

So, if you live in a very warm climate or just sweat a lot, you might want to try this brand and see how it goes. From a construction standpoint, the collars are fantastic, the fabric is super silky, and the fit is on point.  They come in a classic fit and trim fit.

I stock my store with a trim fit, but also started stocking talls so that my taller clients with longer length and longer arms have this shirt as an option.  The fit is excellent, and they have darts in the back for shaping.  I have them in white, blue, and black, and by-the-way, the black is outstanding and pairs well with a dark pair of jeans.

Hope you check it out, and, if you have any questions, shoot me a message. It’s a great shirt that you can roll up the sleeves and wear it with jeans or a pair of dress slacks.  It’s just so versatile:  great fabric, great collar and not many people will know that it’s polyester.

David Donahue

Now, if you’re a super classic gentleman and won’t wear a polyester shirt,  I also started carrying David Donohue.  They make an amazing dress shirt:  100% cotton, superior quality, and retails for $145.

It looks fantastic with collars on point with good fusing, which makes the collar look like it’s starched even if it hasn’t been ironed.  That’s important because collars are the focal point of the garment. When you’re wearing good basics, you want to invest a little bit in good quality fabrics and shirts that will last.

Of course, I custom make a ton of stuff, but if you don’t have the time or the budget, or just want a good basic shirt, this brand is fantastic. They also have classics and some tuxedo shirts, but in my store right now, if you just need good basic whites and blues, shoot me a message, or stop on by.

As you’re building your wardrobe as a gentleman, you always want a couple of good whites, a couple of good blues, and then you can build fashion on top of that.  If you wear a dress shirt once a week,  maybe one or two, if you’re wearing a dress shirt, seven days a week, you might want to carry about 15 to 20 dress shirts in your closet, just to have a good rotation.

Travis Matthew

The next garment that is part of what I call core basics are polo shirts.  Where I live in Arizona, most guys wear polos and slacks to the office. A lot of polo shirt brands have their logo on the front of the shirt, so I invested in Travis Mathew “Zena” polos.

I have it in light gray, light blue, and dark black Indigo heather, without the Travis Mathew logo on the chest.  They do have an unobtrusive logo on the back neck, but they are just very clean looking polos in wearable colors that pair nicely with slacks or jeans and can be worn under a jacket. Try it. I’m also currently carrying some big and tall sizes up to 3X for the bigger and taller man.

Something new to Travis Mathew this season is what they call the “open to close” pant, and I love it. It’s super dressy and comes in great colors. (Selecting darker colors make it look even dressier.)   This fabric is just amazing.  It has as a great hand feel, good body, and is so silky and soft, … but not like silk pajamas. It just feels smooth to the touch and silky with great body to the fabric.

I have them in blue, black, and khaki, and it’s a five pocket. I’ve seen this pant on a handful of guys, and, when they try it on, they end up buying it in all the colors. It’s a wardrobe staple, so if you need to update the ABC pants in your closet, or are ready to update any golf pants, or cotton slacks, and want something a little dressier and lighter, these pants are your answer.

They’re priced well at $125 and just a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. And again, the darker colors can be paired with a dress shirt, a sport coat, a long sleeve polo shirt just to dress it up.  You’ll be really surprised how comfortable, lightweight, and modern these pants are.   I love them.


Lastly, when we talk about good basics in a man’s wardrobe we’re talking about dress pants, too.  I carry one brand – Ballin.  They make a phenomenal pant that’s crafted for total comfort and performance.

The company’s been around for 100+ years so they know how to make a premium trouser. Their craftsmanship is superb, and, speaking of comfort, their pants have a “comfort- ease” waistband and a little bit of stretch, even though they’re manufactured from 100% wool fabrics.

They’re also anti-crease and have 100% shape retention.  I have a whole color card, but I’m stocking only navy and grey in my store because these are just the perfect modern trousers that every guy should have in his closet.  All aspects of the workmanship in this line is top notch:  a well-made zipper, the buttonholes, the belt loops, etc. They even add an extra bartek at the bottom of the pocket for stability. Still, many guys rip them out, but I do that repair in alterations all the time.

Bottom-line, if you’re in the neighborhood and your current dress slacks are looking super shiny, are looking pretty worn, have pilled, have holes, just come see me because I stock these great Ballin pants.  I can also help you order sizes online so, if you need help on what to order, just get a tape measure, and I can walk you through how to do it and help you find the perfect pant for you.

It comes in three different fits:  a slim fit, a regular fit which has more room in the thighs, and with pleats, so depending on how you want your slacks to fit, I think you’ll fall in love with Ballin pants.

Currently, I have a wonderful selection for this season, so come on by.  Shop my online store and don’t forget to just message me if you have a question regarding what size to buy or how the garment should fit. I’m always happy to help.


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