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Golf Trends in the Spring


Wow. Quite a bit here. Let’s talk about you’re shopping because what we’re seeing now is more men getting into styling, but it’s not just about getting something off the rack, and thrown on. It’s about being fitted for it, right?

Absolutely. Cause when men shop; buying off the rack, doesn’t always fit their frame perfectly and they want to be comfortable in what they’re wearing. So some fine-tuned, tiny alters, a hem, taking the legs in, just makes the garment fit better and then they feel better and they’re excited to wear the clothes versus just have them hang in their closet and not wear them anymore.

I have to say this, I am 50 something years old. I’ll be honest it’s the first time actually getting fitted for suits and for my clothes. But I should have been doing this a long time in my career. And that’s something that businesses need to start doing. Because people are starting to look at how they’re dressing now.

Right? Because the first impression you make is always so important. Right? And people notice how you dress and how thee clothes fit. And men actually look slimmer and taller when things are tailored correctly, and they feel good. Like they send up their chest out, they’re smiling. Like they get really excited, and they get excited to wear the clothing versus, Ugh, that sweater, that’s oversized or those pants that don’t fit. My butt doesn’t look good or Ugh, my stomach looks huge. Like yeah. When clothes don’t fit and you get them tailored, you feel better about yourself.

Okay. And I, I don’t want to get in trouble, but I’m going to go and say it. Okay. But tailoring, isn’t just going in and getting the waist, take it in or take it out. That’s not tailored clothing. That’s just getting the waist take in, take it out. Tailored means all the way through. Correct?

Possibly. It depends on his frame, how the clothes fit, and how he wants to look like when clients come in my store. I get to know them and I see where they’re going, or how the clothes fit them; or the curvature of their body, their muscles. If they have a butt or no butt and see kind of like, all right to fit better, let’s tailor it all the way down. Let’s take the legs in or let’s make the stomach a little smaller or let’s take the sleeves and shorter. So tailoring is like the art of getting clothes to fit better. Um, and it really depends on each gentleman. Even ladies, I help ladies all the time. It’s a lot of fun. But when you have clothes that fit well, you feel better. It’s good.

All right. Well we know that the beginning of the men’s fashion, how can we say, season starts with golf and that’s the Phoenix open. So, do you have some outfits for me?

Yes. I’m super excited! These cool looks. We’re going to look at all about layering kind of dressing, monotone dressing, super casual, especially, but nice enough that if you have to go to the office or go to dinner, you can still look polished and presentable and then just like a super fun, cool, loud, look that little edgy, like it’s fun to take a little bit of risk.

I like it, all right, let’s go.

Give them a try. Let’s do it.

All right.

You look great. Like this one. Absolutely wonderful. Yes. So…

Alright. I’m feeling these, a couple of pants, actually.

Yeah. Because golf pants have a little stretch in them and now today’s a lot of brands are adding a little polyester, a little stretch just to be much more comfortable here. You can move and shake it.

Yeah, you can. I’m looking at the dad bod a little bit because I mean, I think you said it, am I supposed to look skinny? Am I supposed to..

No, you look how you look, you look fine, but the great thing is brands. They aren’t just selling clothes for men who have skinny legs and no waste, and no seat. You have thighs, you have a butt, you have a stomach, you have biceps. You’re a man. It’s no big deal. Yeah. And I have a lot of brands in my store that carry fits for larger gentlemen and smaller gentlemen, all different shapes and sizes, which is great.

And that’s what’s so important about coming in, seeing someone like you, because again, pulling off the rack, I might not be pulling the right thing. Especially with these hams. I got here going your

Hams. That’s right. My Ham’s!. These are definitely no chicken or, or Turkey legs.

Manly legs. Like before we put the, I know we’re going to do like, but I have ask no belt. Why no belt?

So personal preference. But I know a lot of gentlemen when I watch golf or lash models or different things, they’re not wearing belts or if they are, it actually matches their pant color. It doesn’t necessarily match their shoes. Cause when you’re wearing a look, if you wear a contrast color belt, it’s totally going to cut you off at your stomach. Right? And we want visually your eyes to go up and down, be nice and smooth and not just like focus on your waist. Right? Yeah. So I think it’s just much more modern, cleaner. And guys are always looking for something new and different just to kind of be a more edgier and more styled. Like so belt either match the pants or no belt at all.

I like it. Okay. We talked about layering. okay.

We love this look. Layering’s pretty easy for guys. Aren’t they?

It is. It totally is. Guys can have fun with layering, like quarter zips are fun. Hoodies are great, but sometimes doing a to vest with the sleeves, like modern, cool and pick pieces that you’re, you know, you might not always think to wear, but you might enjoy it. Yeah.

And, and with layering like this, I mean, I can go in and out of work too and going through totally. And this, and it kind of like actually, I mean, it’s, it’s making me feel good.

It looks good. It dresses you up.

So is that why it’s so important to, again, as this bigger guys, are we, we kind of like are maybe weight conscious coming and having someone like you yeah. Put the right clothes on us.

So I think also the key is finding brands that fit your frame, just because you’re a big guy. Doesn’t mean you need to stop at a big and tall store. There’s a lot of brands out there that fit larger gentlemen. So this is Grayson. You have Travis Matthew on, you have Ballin on. These are three different brands that my store, it might just take the gentleman a little time to hunt and shop and try things. Like I would educate my guys, try one piece, wear it, see how you like it. Don’t buy 10 of them and then hate all 10 of them. But try couple pieces. See if you like it and then add to it. But this I think fits you really, really nicely.

All right. What’s the next look we’re gonna do?

We’re going do more of a casual look, but with a little bit of color, let’s go, let’s do it right.

Well, play has started out here at the waste management, Phoenix open day two of golf happening, which is really good. Now, you know, it’s sometimes not always about golf. It’s about how you look, and I showed you earlier about getting this outfit all together, but I’m not done because Mary makes sure I look good all the time when I’m golfing. Yeah.

Yeah. Nice and clean.

All right. This one here, ore casual, right?

Look how great these shorts look on you. Right? Super comfortable. And I hear from so many of my clients that the waistband on the short doesn’t bend over, it stays in place. Right. Right. And then you’ve got the belt, which is a tonal color that matches. So we’re not staring at your waist. It kind of flows, Right? And then just the chest right here, the colors nice and clean the button placement like this whole look you can wear to the office after you can wear out with friends, like it’s little dressy, our golf doesn’t have to be so casual and men are dressing up a little bit more on the course.

Yeah. And, and what I like is that it’s starting to make me feel a little more comfortable about my body shape. And I think that’s where we kind of like go where we always want cover it up. Or we use the Flay, you know, the, the shirt out.

Totally. And when you tuck, I always encourage guys to tuck things in. It looks so much more cleaner. Right. And if you’re a little self-conscious, not saying you are.  Darker colors, pick darker colors, Navys, blacks, dark grays, you’ll feel a little slimmer. You’ll feel a little taller, less focused on like bright colors on your seat and your guys and…

And how will my golf game be?

It’s gonna improve. I mean, that be best looking one there, if anything, you’re winning.

All right. What’s next?

All right. Uh, a fun loud look. Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do it.

All right. Okay. This is fun.

It’s a lot of fun. Yeah,

This is good. Uh, this is nice. It’s like I got the party going on top and kind of businessy on the bottom.

Super clean. I think it’s so important to pick one piece in your outfit. That’s going to be super loud and fun and everything else should be much more tonal and tame.

And we go back to that Nobel, right. Or you can put one.


And again, talking in and not letting it hang out, walking around that way

You look so much leaner, more put together and just more polished. Cause you never know who you’re going to see there looks really good.

So, and, and I’ll tell you, Mary, what I like is that I am a big guy. We can’t hide that, but coming in and getting fitted with you, I feel more comfortable in, in how I look.

Right? Cause we looked at other loud prints that I think didn’t fit your frame. Well, and this is loud, but still very wearable, right? Because  it’s simple colors and a loud print, but you know, clean, it fits. And this size is an extra large, I’m sure a lot of people look at you and think you’re probably two X or three X, no, an extra large just cause how all the brands fit so different.

I like that. Um, let’s talk very quickly again. Uh, I come in, okay. I do a little bit of shopping. I get things. Then you will pretty much tailor it to a little bit more to me, right?

To maybe this brand or this polo shirt or let’s take some things in your closet if they have and let’s tailor it. And even the stuff in my store can fine tune taking the waist in, taking the chest in shortening sleeves, it’s little touches, help things fit much better. And you’re just going to love the pieces.

And what I love too, is that even if someone has the same shirt or outfit on, it’s actually going to look different on because the way you tailor it to that person and that’s, what’s kind of interesting. It’s like, yeah, wow. I really like that shirt on the guy. Then I get it. I’m like, Ooh, it doesn’t look too good, but it’s because it’s a different fit and different tailoring,

Right. If it’s too tight or if it’s too loose in places, just fine tune things, accentuate the parts of your body you love and you know, go home, have

Fun. There it is. Mary, tell everybody where you are.

I’m here in Phoenix at 3168 East Camelback road. It’s at 32nd street and Camelback.   Hopefully to help any way I can.

Oh, you’re helping me

You look great.

Thank You.


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