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Golf Style Interview - Vinny Bertagna


Vinny Bertagna | Instagram: @Vinnybeez.Golf | Handicap: +2.4

A lot of the men I interviewed about their on-course style play golf regularly.  Vinny is the first man I interviewed that it’s his fulltime job.  His life lives and breathes golf.  I was excited to feature him and maybe should have asked for more golf tips – my readers may have really wanted to hear those tips as well.  I’m not going to ask Vinny to give his talents away for free – you can hire him if you want a lesson.  

When Vinny volunteered to be interviewed, I was thrilled because he has great style! From the polos to pants to his accessories are always on point.  You can tell he thinks about what he wears and always adds something with a cool factor. Check out his Instagram if you want to see more.  I’m honored to share about Vinny’s style and hope he inspires you to dress a bit more boldly and have fun with your wardrobe.  Golf is a fun game and his style reflects that.


What do you usually wear when you golf?

VB: Always Greyson Joggers or trousers in the winter and shorts in the summer.  90% of my polos are bold patterns, the other 10% are plain or striped.  I typically like to keep the outerwear a little more basic with a Koko hoodie, every once in a while, I’ll get a little crazy with the jacket or sweater.

What brands do you like to wear when you golf?

VB: All Greyson pants, polos, outwear.

G/Fore Galivanters or MG+4 to play golf in 

GOLF 24/7”- G247 - For my hats

What are 5 things you can find in your golf bag (that you can’t tee off without)?

  • Range Finder 
  • PROV1X or CHROME SOFTX Golf Ball 
  • G24/7 Ball Marker 
  • 2 bottles of water 
  • Gloves (multi colors)

What brand and style of golf shoes do you love to wear?

VB: When I'm playing I like to wear G/Fore Galivanters When I’m practicing or working with a client I like to wear Jordans OR G/Fore MG+4

What are the golf courses you frequent?

What courses are on your bucket list?

What pro golfer do you like their on-course style the most?

VB: Morgan Hoffman and Eric Van Rooyen

Who (famous or not) would you love to spend the afternoon golfing with?

VB: Max Homa , George Kittle and Steph Curry

What is one golf tip that improved your golf game?

 VB: “believe that you are meant to succeed “

What is your go to drink while on the course?

VB: I don’t drink often but if I do a Transfusion. 

What is your must-play course for out-of-towners?

VB: Hacienda Golf Club


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