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Golf Style - Nick Libsack


Nick Libsack | Instagram: @Nick_Libsack | Handicap: +2

I met Nick years ago through my dearest friend, Mariessa. When I told him I was taking golf lessons, his eyes lit up and invited me to join Mariessa and him golfing. I learned so much from Nick on the putting green that day and was impressed that what advice he gave me really worked. It was very interesting to learn how Nick views the course and how to envision your shot on the greens. Nick made the game seem like something I could tackle even though I just learned how to swing a club.

Besides being a great golfer, Nick dresses really well. He has been a great customer and loves sporting Greyson Clothiers. He pops in my shop from time to time to see the latest collection and will pick up a new polo for his next tee time. I knew I had to interview Nick for this style series. Enjoy his interview.

What do you usually wear when you golf? (certain colors, brands, accessories, shorts, etc)

NL: I usually wear Greyson Clothiers shirts, TravisMathews shorts, but recently I have been loving the Ballin golf shorts! Color wise, I like to have a variety so I have lots of colors to choose from.

What brands do you like to wear when you golf?

NL: Favorite brand to wear is Greyson Clothiers, the fit, style, and breathability of the clothing is the best in my opinion.

What are 5 things you can find in your golf bag (that you can’t tee off without)?

What brand and style of golf shoes do you love to wear?

NL: For golf shoes, I’ve been loving the new Adidas light strike shoes, or my Jordan ADG golf shoes.

What are the golf courses you frequent?

NL: We Ko PaMcCormick RanchEagle Mountain, and Talking Stick 

What courses are on your bucket list?

What pro golfer do you like their on course style the most?

NL: I really like Adam Scott’s style. He always looks sharp.

What is one golf tip that improved your golf game?

NL: One golf tip that improved my game was to not overthink and just trust my instincts. In golf, it’s easy to over analyze certain shots or make situations more complicated than they have to be. My dad always told me to trust my instincts and play to my strengths on the course and that is one tip I use every time I play.

What is your go to drink while on the course?

NL: My top 3 drinks on the course are:

What is your must play course for out of towners?

NL: Troon North or Grayhawk, both courses are always in excellent condition and they represent true AZ desert golf. Can’t go wrong with either one.


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